Salt-salt land alluvial by a big river,It’s the flattest place here。But no one dared to grow crops on it。Because who can tell the truth。Maybe a heavy rain,There is nothing left。

Come out of Lee Dongmin’s house,Is more than ten acres of wasteland,Except wormwood in the wasteland,Nothing more。Xia Jian asked unbearably:“Who owns these places?“
“My home,Because it’s close to our hometown,The village gave us the whole film,But not here,Nothing long,And light grass,So it’s deserted now“Li Dongmin said and shook his head,A pity and helpless look。
Xia Jian walked in,Looked around and said:“You haven’t used this land well,How about this!You leave me an address,I allowSDWhere can I send you some walnut saplings,There will be benefits in two or three years“
“Is it so fast?The walnuts in the mountains have only grown walnuts for more than ten years,And the fruit is very small“Li Dongmin asked in disbelief。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Of course there is,This is a new variety,Just nurtured by others,You just plant。I will let them give you instructions。If you succeed in planting mobile plants,Our group will come to you to invest,Will be planted in a large area,Lead you out of poverty and get rich“
Li Dongmin heard what Xia Jian said,Excitedly grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,She said after a long while:“It is nice to meet you,Look like this,I really want to thank my brother,If it wasn’t for him to deflate your car,We won’t know,How can you help me so much?“
“This is the fate。A master counted it for me,Said I was guilty of peach blossom,There are women around all this life,So Cheng Ye woman,Change woman“Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help laughing。
One afternoon,Two people walked a lot of places。Everywhere,Xia Jian will study it。He feels that the land resources here are rich,Not fully exploited,Really a waste。He wanted to take out his cell phone and call Ouyang Hong,But I don’t even have a letter。
Also,Such a poor place,Indeed, no one wants to build a base station here。Xia Jian walked all the way down,I have my own idea in my heart。
With the constant communication and contact between two people,There is no gap between Li Dongmin and Xia Jian,The two made some more presumptuous jokes,Li Dongmin is married after all,She doesn’t blush anymore,But it seems very casual。
When I get home,It’s dark。Xia Jian got some food from his car again,Lee Dongmin didn’t decline this time,But willing to take。A sumptuous dinner is very pleasant and ready。
Li Dongmin still sent it to her mother-in-law first,Then I sat down to eat with Xia Jian。Of course I did not finish drinking half a jar of old wine last night and moved out,The two enjoyed themselves again。This time I drank until twelve o’clock at night,Xia Jian looked at Li Dongmin who was drunk and confused and said:“let us start!“
Lee Dongmin’s face flushed,She said she was a little drunk,But I still asked embarrassedly:“What to start?“

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