Early lifts hands down,Jump backwards。

Spring and Ning Ji rushed out,Hit it together。
“I will lose it so much this time.”Spring looked at the opposite Ning.。
“I am waiting”Ningxing said faintly。
Spring is deeply sucking,This tone is so long,This is benefited from Springs powerful lungs。
Spring army waving Ning,The torrential fists are waving at Ning.。
“So fast!”
Ningjun is shocked,Soft fist in hand,Keep the springs。
Even afraid of the fist speed of the spring,Ning will also use soft boxing,But Ning Ji still frowned。
Strong power,Can be in this fast speed,Can still maintain such strength,You progress。
But progress is more than you!
Ning Ji see a gap,The palm of your hand must hit the belly of the spring。
“Not so easy”Springs a raising leg,I blocked the attack on Ning.。
Turn the body,Another leg falls from the air,From the top and downwards。
The sound of whistling reminds Ning,This attack is absolutely weak。
But Ning will not refund,Facing the Quanyu thigh is a palm。
“So strong”What is afraid that Ning is not a strongest part of the attack?,Can also feel the force。
Ningxing arm slightly bending,Then he uses the other hand to support it.。
But it is still repeated by Spring.。
Spring,The thigh part feels some faint pain。
But Ning Ji is not good,His wrist has also become a bit sore。
Both people look at,Rush again。
Hash and keep up,Everyone also looks not to go through the eyes.。
Early nodded,Two people are quite excellent,Springs attack strong,And very continuous。
Ning’s moving moves are very good,Smooth action,Cut in cut,Looking at two people half a catty with his eyes。
“hehe,I have already seen you.,Your breathing has exposed your behavior,When you ventilation is your weakest”
Ning Ji speaks at an attack。
“Know how you can,Don’t let me catch you.”Spring is disdainful。
How can his own situation?,I have good lungs.,To attack me?First, I am talking about my attack.。
The two people are fighting together,When spring is ventilated again。

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