Lu Wei looked at him,Heartbreak,those years,Because Qin Ning’s intervention,Continuously smearing in front of him,He is very good for Angai。

It is not a cold words for him.。
“Ah Cheng,Things have been over for so many years.,Komo Mo Ruoyi,I know that you have already released your heart.,Otherwise, you will not sit today, I have to eat with me.。”
Lu Hao is not talking,The father and son are silently finished.。
Lu Wei also bubble two cups of tea,The father and son moved to the living room。
Think of the matter,Lu Wei is also very do not want to mention。
“Lith is coming back,I didn’t think of it.。”
Lu Yu said finished,Shallow, a good, good Longjing。
“What is going on??”
This is the purpose of him here today.。
Lu Wei sighed a breath,“You also know that the mall is like a battlefield,At that time, I was more than you than you.,Only wealth and opportunity,status,Do a variety of preparations anytime, anywhere,As long as you can have a chance,I will catch it.。”
“At that time, our Lu family had a certain savings.,Just waiting for the next floor。”
“Finally once,Opportunity,And I also grab this opportunity.。”
“At that time, the Group has actually embarked on the right track.,But,When I have just taken the dragon of Dragona Real Estate,Suddenly a person appeared,That person is Li Yuan。”
“Lejia is good at this year,Have money,He also looks at Longya Real Estate with I.,Things are the same。”
“I have already signed the contract here.,He has exhausted all means,Darkly terminate this contract。”
“When I am so happy to sign the contract,I only knew that he used a despicable means.,Send his favorite woman to each other’s bed,Won the development of Dragona Real Estate,That is thousands of millions of development,And the chairman of Dragona Group,Hand in the river。”
“Instant,His reputation,Humanity,status,All stood at the top of the industry。”
“I am young at that time.,I am not willing to prepare for more than a year, I’ve been robbed.。”
“This world has never been easy to pass,Every rising is obtained with extremely heavy costs.。”
“Hundreds of billions of projects,Is there so much money at Trill??”
Lu Haocheng asked,That’s the championship at that time,I am afraid that there is no such strong strength.。
Lu Wei nodded,“Lega did not have such strength,But he has a person,Bank is known to him。”
“but me,It is also a look at this,I did some small actions behind it.。
His favorite woman found me,She wants to revenge hate,Lesha is after she,It is abandoned。”
“Lithuan married the political passenger family,That is, now the current lady。”
Lu Haocheng heard here,It seems that I can already guess end.。
“Then later?”
Lu Haocheng wants to know the woman’s best destination,He has a premonition,That woman is the most critical。
“later,I have cooperated with the woman.。
I use the relationship,Let the newspaper report her with her and the title of the Ts.。”
“Many media have long been smelling the secrets of Litho to Lower Dragona Real Estate.,This news reported,really,In the river, a wave of rhodes in the river,Political investigation,unambiguous evidence,Litho is destroyed。”
“Bank loans all bubbled soup,That woman is an infatuated woman,After this thing is reported,that era,Most people,Which face is living。”
“She afterblating ,When Lyman is looking at her,When the Trock’s face is suicide。”
Lu Haocheng did not think of this ending。
Lu Jian, the end of the eye, a touch of guilt,that era,This matter,Natural caustic,Killed,When she was looking for her own time.,I have made myself as a dead.。
“Yes,Suicide,I didn’t think this outcome。
No matter how the heart’s heart is poisonous,How is more powerful?,What have a ambition,A man,There is always a place in the bottom of the heart.。”

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