“As long as we have developed here,If you get started,Just getting late or later!”

Shen Xuan’s words finished,What makes people around those people。
Such a thing,They are also completely refined.。
so now,These people are more important。
For these,They are more understanding。
“Still the head lead,We think too much.。”
“But what I really say,In fact, it is still the program of the header.,Still most reliable。”
“That’s right,Is this still used?,In fact, all this,Look,It seems to be like this。”
This,With those people around,You have a word, I said.,Don’t forget it here。
And Shen Xuan,It is more and more feeling.,Now,Is it necessary to arrange some things to give them responsibility??
otherwise,These people are not bored?
Shen Xuan wants to think it is,Such a thing,Still possible。
Just now,Shen Xuan’s thinking,Let them do something, what is good??
After a while, Shen Xuan thought,quickly,Shen Xuan probably knows what to do is good.。
“correct,Rustic law,You go out to release the message,Just say we,Interested in other major power,Want to mix them!”
Shen Xuan’s mouth is even more faint smile.。
But in front of Shen Xuan,Surroundings,I have seen it in brushing.。
obviously,at this point,They are completely unpredictable。
so,When these people are curious,Look up and see Shen Xuan。
obviously,at this point,They are completely unpredictable。
this,What is the rhythm??
do not know why,I will feel it feels,It seems that some can’t understand。
It’s here,Lu Fei Yu:“Leader,If we do this?,Isn’t it a few families in the rush and the second echelon??”
In this case,Development of the War of War,It can be said that it is extremely unfavorable.。
so,Those people around you have seen Shen Xuan,I want to persuade Xin Xuan to recover my life.。
Su Yuhong,But suddenly laughed:“Do not,We don’t but can’t give up.,And it’s also big Zhangqi.!”
Chapter 254 is something,Leave here first
“How to say?”
Next to,Huang Yue has some intake。
In fact, this time,Huang Yue’s temper has changed a lot.。
Right now he,I have learned to think about it.。

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