“Hey-hey,no need,Not much。”

“Ok,The sister is going to be five thousand.,Anyway, my sister has your bank card number.。”
Say,Xu Ruzhen wants to transfer to Li with the wind。
“Sister,This is what I sent you.,Don’t you turn it?,And do you feel that I am missing these three thousand people??”
Li Hui’s words are, let Xu Ruzhen think of Li Hui’s first time.,Indeed that Li Fight is like a lack of money。
“Ok,Thank you for your sister.。”
Feel Xu Ruzhen and restored the state of the past,Li Hui’s heart suddenly suddenly lost。
Because such Xu Ruzhen is like a love with him.,Instead, it is a partner of work.。
But think carefully,This is not good,At least there is no need to work hard between each other。
“You are welcome,Sister,Cool meals,I will take you with you.。”
“My sister is full.,But you haven’t eaten yet.?
go,My sister took you to eat delicious.。”
Finish,Xu Ru is directly taken out of the head.。
Going up, there is a mugger,With the unparalleled temperament,Even if a back, Li is beautiful, it feels beautiful.。
At the moment of the hotel,Xu Ruzhen reacted,Her car is still parked there in Bisha Hotel。
Originally she thought quickly to return to the previous state,Even with Li Hui Rong is the kind of love relationship between men and women,She doesn’t want to be the feeling of driving on her own initiative.。
Or because of the first time I have taken myself to take myself.,So will feel this feeling for her.。
Just when she was caught,She suddenly saw her girlfriend is actually from this hotel. Some distant came out.。
At the same time, I still have a few men who have been drinking together yesterday.。
“Ling Sister,Ling Sister” I called two sounds.,Yuan Meiling actually did not respond。
This is a few people who follow the puppets.。
See this scene,Xu Ruzhen suddenly has a feeling of feeling,I immediately went forward。
“Ling Sister,What happened to Ling Sister??”
Sanze a few people see Xu Ruzhen’s moment,Everyone is full of light。
I haven’t seen it in one night.,They feel that Xu Ru is still beautiful.。
Especially the cold temperament,Let them feel excited from the soul。
As for Yuan Mei Ling, with the Ru Ru,It is simply the difference between hens and phoenix.。
“What happened to you?”
Xu Ruzhen shakes a few times,Yuan Meiling is not talking,Let her not help but have an urgent。
“Hey-hey,How can we take her?,She is here,You ask her.。”
Sanze said this,Gently stroked Yuan Meiling’s cheek。
road:“Come,You answer your good sister,How are we doing??”
“Yes,Owner,The owner is very good to me.。”
I heard Yuan Meiling.,Xu Ruzhen is anger and angry。
But she doesn’t know what to do.。
“Sister,You are not awake.,She was brainned,Or she has been hypnotized,More or say she is dropped.。”
Chapter 129
Seeing Yuan Meiling’s first eye,Li Hui said that the other party is not normal.,Because the other party actually has the darkness of his sword with him in Xu Ru。
However, this dark gas is only in the opponent。
Thinking of the overhead of the darkness of the sword walked all his life essence,I have encountered this darkness again, he is also very cautious.。

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