“Do not,More complex……”

Come and tears briefly describe the situation on the cruise ship.,Slightly frown:“Diamond now owner named Liao Wenjie,From Hong Kong Island,It is the classmate of Fu Zezhi,But according to my observation,He should be Fu Zezhi’s illegitimate child,Currently stayed in Fuze Troupe。”
“Some tricky,More than Fuze Terms,There is also a group of mountain groups.……”
The old two came to the eyebrows:“Big sister,I suggest you take it as soon as possible,If the diamond is turning again,Or directly by Yamagou group,The risk of action will become bigger。”
I love to raise my hands.:“Want to give the police a cat eye card??”
“Do not,I have asked about Fu Zhezhi about diamonds.,If you send a card at this time,The police traced the clues of diamonds,I will find us。”
Come to tears and walk towards your room,Let two sisters put on clothes,Go to the hotel tonight to step on a point,In order to place the combat plan。
See you tears,Two sisters face each other,The big sister tonight seems to be too serious.。
What is wrong??
“Second sister,You don’t think that the big sister is a bit strange today.?”
“It may be too tired,After all, there are many things happened in today’s cruise ship.。”
Hotel top,Moonlight through the floor,Small pool water wave。
Liao Wenji bubbles in the pool,Next to a red wine glass,And a bottle of ice grape juice。
“Too quiet,Not neon,No explosion、No monster,There is no evil spirits and British spirit,So quiet,I can only dispatched out the door.。”
Suddenly,He is thinking,Close your eyes down red wine,Relying on the poolside,It seems that I am asleep.。
Remote high-rise roof roof,Three downswood,Human hand one military telescope,Liao Wenjie stealing a bath。
“Click one’s tongue,Big sister、Second sister,Have you seen it?,The guy actually drinks grape juice with red wine glasses.,Interest is surprising。”
Look at the side of love:“Besides,Great evening batches,Actually, the curtains are not pull,I have reason to suspect that he is a metamorphosis.。”
“Little Love,If he is a metamorphosis,That peeking, what should we take a shower??”
I have returned to my life.,Follow:“and,Take a closer look.,His waist is wrapped in a bathrobe,Top more slight metamorphosis!”
“That is not a metamorphosis……what,No reason,Second, why do you do it??”
Waiting for a long time:“Besides,Nothing to see what is your bathrobe?,Do you think that he is good?,So can’t help your eyes……”
“Shut up,You have more nonsense。”
Come and tears, holding a military telescope.,No two sisters,Short-term contact on the cruise ship,Let her feel faintly,Liao Wenjie is not simple。
This feeling is not from Fu Zhi Zhezhi and Shangshan Hong,But Liao Wenjie himself gives her direct feelings,Mysterious and dangerous,One layer of black fog cover,Internal true capacity, she is consciously wants to stay away from。
The sound of the wings is hung behind,Come to life and tears cautiously。
In the sight,Two black crows landed on the railing,Feather dark ask,Scarlet,Hope is a heart。
“Big sister,Can I drive them away??”
Come and love the whisper proposal,Although the crow is in neon is auspicious bird,Can bring good luck,The crow is bold and also symbolizes filial piety.,More profile‘Bird’,It is the crow of three feet。

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