“That’s not necessarily,If you promise me one thing,I found a way to scare Li Tan,It only takes a moment or three,You have a chance to escape。”The big eyeballs in the world of God hidden in the faint do not know when they come back to life,What happened before,It seems to know everything,Suddenly he changed his temperament and showed great diligence。

The boy naturally saw how this monster dealt with Li Tan,But I don’t like the other party to exchange terms,He knows too little about this evil,It must be a conspiracy not to leave here,So decisively refused。
“what?!What is it?”The red dragon suddenly roared,It’s strong,I seem to have noticed a foreign body in the teenager’s mind。
“Don’t be noisy,I want to sleep well。”The young man gave the red dragon a look。
“What is your attitude?Don’t want to save adults,Thinking about sleeping?Tolerable or unbearable!”Red Dragon Roar。
“You should go back to the lava lake,I need to be a helper,Instead of waiting for you、Something insignificant。”
“what?Dare you say it again?!”
“roll!”The boy exhausted his last strength,Fainted。
Chapter one hundred and fifty-nine Dreaming into Lieyang Palace
The teenager walks through the sky of fire,After a serious injury,The mind and consciousness can’t keep up with the actions under your feet,His speed is not slow,And it’s going in the predetermined direction,As if called by something sacred,Very persistent。
Massive lava along the way、The flames rushing over can hardly block his way,Till the end of the fire,He saw**Sun,Supported by raging fire waves,A black spot appeared in the blazing sun,It became bigger in an instant,Is a golden bird,Surrounded by flames,The flying posture is extremely elegant,The bird actually fell on his shoulder。
“juvenile,You know where this is?”
The young man shook his head blankly,In fact, he was thinking about this along the way,Or try to figure out something from the surrounding scenery,Helpless except for lava fire,He can see nothing。
“Then,Why did you come to this place?”
“Who seems to be calling me,I don’t understand the details。”
The bird showed a strange look,Jump off his shoulders,And then flew around his body several times,Finally fell back on his shoulders。
In just a few moments,From the skin to the body and mind, the teenager seemed to be burned by a more fierce flame,Can’t help shaking,Suddenly there was an eye-catching mark in my mind,That is a special flame badge,Seems to be a three-legged golden crow。
“Please follow me。”The tone of the bird has changed a little,He jumped off the boy’s shoulders,His body instantly became dozens of times bigger。

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