This terrible voice is like a voice like hell.。

He makes people present, can’t help but hurt,Let the big steps stop,The big face is brought,He finally stopped。
“Die!”Cheetah’s figure fly up,He smashed,Directly thorn on the source of the mouse。
“what!”The mole of the mouse sounded,He can’t resist it at all。
Real gas,The clothes of the mouse were shredded。
Cheetah went directly to cut the source of the mouse,Then, four rods were continuously challenged.,Then, a knife was over the mouse.。
Thoroughly abolished the martial martial arts。
“what!”The mouse is painful on the ground。
“cut!”Icy sound sounds,The 18 brothers under the cheetah, each sword, killing the 18th King of the mouse.。
A knife,Aesthetic,Tread on the throat of these people,Blood bloom on the throat,The 18th King has just fallen in the bloody,All died。
“Roar!”The low voice came from the big throat.,He is like a beast,The eyes are staring at Honghai and Lin Feng.。
“Big,You also have this day!”Honghai ice-cold voice sounded,He is staring with a murder.:“You are too much.。”
“Hong Hai,Do not die!”Daddy’s words:“This bureau,I surrender,I read the people around you.,But you think you can turn over?you are wrong,You big mistake!”
“good,Hong Hai,This is the first game.,These people are dead,Disabled,None。”Black and white hand ice-cold sound。
“Oh,Black and white hand,Big,What else do you have??”Hong Hai is cold and staring at the two people:“I want to see what you can resist.。”
“ignorance!”Big 佬 佬 神 不 不。
“Oh,You put it out.。”Honghai faint road。
“Very simple,Do you want to revenge??The hatred between us should know,I want to be with you.,I won,Everything you are, everything is,Including your life,you win,All everything is in you.,Including my life!”Daddy,Bring a hot color in the dark。
“I finally waited for this day.!”Hong Hai heard his face coldly,His darkness has a ray of hatred。
“Yes,Let’s die,Nine original stone suppliers have disappeared four or five today,Just start with one of us.。”Daddy’s face is indifferent,His light is with a spicy,,Tape。
“How would you like to play?”Hong Hai coldly asked。
“Very simple,He still represents your company,Black and white hand master still represents our company,Each selection three original stones,Whose original stone index is high,Who wins。”Daddy’s vigilant:“Just now, the game is here,And now this game is going to me.。”
The mouth of the big hips suddenly reveals a strange smile.。
NS68chapter Hidden powerful black and white hand
“it is good,Depend on you!”Hong Hai nodded,He looked at Lin Feng。
Lin Feng is just a smile.,Mandabate all in Hong Hai doesn’t matter。
“Let it go。”The big 佬 闻 闻 闻 directly,He didn’t look at the body lying on the ground.,His figure came out of the crowd。
Black and white hand is standing side by side。
The two went to the Daxie Exhibition Hall,Just when the two have just come to the exhibition hall,But I found that there were many original stones in the Daxie Exhibition Hall.。
“Compelling!”A waiter hurriedly gone。

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