“Maple,What are you doing?!”Lin mother drinks。

“mom,Trust me!”Lin Feng’s eyes really looked at Lin Mu。
Ji Secretary looked at this scene,Suddenly:“You are the son of Linshan?Just,Let your father fined for your father.。”
“fine,Penalize you!”A explosive voice sounded。
The figure of the two tiger has come to the side of the Ji Secretary.,His face is gloomy,A slap is pumped on the cheek of this Ji secretary.,The Ji Secretary is directly above the ground.,The front teeth were called.,His blood flows out of blood。
“Mogi,You dare to hit me!”Ji Secretary:“Give me the death of him!”
“Yes!”The fate of the four forestry bureaus rushed to play two tigers.。
Two tigers,Take a steel rod from the sleeves,Plus directly,Today’s two tigers are not better than before.,Comperse with Lin Feng,Experience Colorful quenching,Powerful unbelievable,Single picking four five special forces have no problem。
A voice of a voice sounded。
The staff of the Fourth Forestry Bureau poured in the bloody,Broken arm,Broken leg,Miserable。
Ji Secretary saw that it is stupid,He is scared。
“Big brother,How to deal with this person?”Two tigers came to Lin Feng’s side。
“Tooth one,Pick four ribs!”Lin Feng’s eyes,Murder。
“Yes!”Two Tigers respectful,He went to Ji Secretary。
The trembling of the Ji Secretary is shaking,His face is pale,This time he knew it on the iron board.。
“You bastard,Do you know who you have??He is my big brother,My big brother is a gambling of civilized world.,Even if you have a big brother of Nanling City, you have to say brothers with my big brother.,You actually move my mother’s mother。”Two tigers,Handheld steel bars to the side of Ji Secretary。
“Do not……Not that I am really not me,I……Not behind the scene。”The Ji Secretary is scared at this moment.。
He trembled,Faceless。
“Let him say behind the scene,I have to see who is it?。”Lin Fengzhi cold voice:“Can break a gluten!”
“Yes!”Two tiger。
“I!”Ji Secretary trembled and hesitated。
“Two tigers,Direct execution,I don’t need people to give me the conditions.!”Lin Feng cold road:“Dental gravings。”
“Yes!”Two tiger,One hand is holding a Ji Secretary,Directly pick the Ji Secretary to the wall。
“Maple……”Lin mother looked at this scene,It seems that people who believe in front of themselves are their son.。
“mom,fine,Everything has me!”Lin Feng soft:“Father is nothing。”
At this time, the cold and cold came over.,She originally wants to organize,But seeing this scene is very acidic,I finally didn’t take the organization。
“Nothing,Nothing。”Lin Pinna:“Your brother is also taken away.,Say he kills people,To perform a gun。”
“Execute the gun?It’s fine,Have me。”Lin Feng said cold:“mom,I will handle this thing.,Let’s take you on the car first.。”
“Cold?”Lin mother doubts。
“aunt,I am a cold cold.。”The night clearly came over to support the body of Linmu。
Lin mother looked at the color photo,Beautiful, like a fairy night,Bright eyes,Strong temperature:“Cold,it is good,it is good,Our family is so good。”
“aunt,Let’s get on the bus.,The uncle is gone by Lin Feng.。”Night cold, holding Linmu, Linken car。

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