“Are you OK!”

Lin ring back,Seeing the red-burning red。
His inner excitement。
I don’t know how many years are dead.,The pure yang left, there is still such a huge,I really don’t know how powerful when the long autumn is long.。
I don’t know if he is because of what makes yourself with independence.。
Lin looked at the backlight。
The fire has been burning to the horizon,Changqiu Taoist face staring in the fire in the fire。
now,Find a few days in the mountains in the mountains found a fire。
They come here。
There are no shortcomings。
A sword light appears from the distance,Want to put out the fire。
Lin Lang can accommodate him。
The waterma has fly to the sky first.,Block this flying sword。
It grabs the sword,Directly knock down and throw it on the ground。
The owner of the flying sword has been dumment in the mountains.。
Lin loud back and returned,Staring at the people rushing in。
These people are the most conspicuous,The most mad。
I followed 100 gods behind him。
Tiger king and green snake don’t look in the mountains in the mountains,Can encounter so many masters,I can only shrink the neck to hide.。
They only hope that all of you are farting them.。
The body of the body pointed to the forest:
“It’s you,It’s you burned the hall.?”
“Be right。”
They didn’t expect Lin to admit that the emperor of the linger。
Women next to the corpse are not willing to make a serious person,Indifferently:
“We come with you, but for the body of the cactus.,Now the body is burned,We are afraid that there is no need to stay here.!”
The body of the body is about to say:
“The fire can burn the corpse of the immortal?As long as you win the body of the cactus,Come into a living corpse,Do you work with us to go to the ghost king, is it like a probe??”
The words who have just been preparing to leave, they have to move the people.。
“Allocate。Don’t delay time,Time long,The body of the cactus can be burned.。”

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