“Supreme artifact!”Beirut’s eyes widened。

it’s said,The supreme artifact that only the supreme god can make,In the past,Only the four rules dominate and the light dominates。To have the supreme artifact!
“This gun-shaped supreme artifact……”Wright watched carefully with his eyes wide open。
This is a cyan spear that is almost 2.5 meters long,It happens to be the length that Wright is good at。The tip of the spear is extremely smooth,In the position of the red wing, there is a decoration similar to the shape of a flower,As for the grip position of the gun,,It has the pattern of Fujiman。Just grabbed it。
The sharp point of the gun,The spear does not move,The space around the tip of the gun has collapsed。
“This is the supreme spear of life,In the realm of your lord god,Can truly withstand the terrifying energy contained in this supreme gun, make this supreme gun recognize its master。”The Supreme God of Life slowly stroked the spear with his left hand,The halo on the surface of the gun immediately converges,Become unpretentious。
At first glance,It’s like a very common spear,The surrounding sky and the earth also return to calm。
“Lord Wright,I have fulfilled your request。”Talking,The supreme spear of life flew out of her hand,Floating to Wright。
then,The body of the Supreme God of Life began to slowly dissipate,Blink of an eye,Peace is restored between heaven and earth。It seems that life is the highest god,Never appeared。
“The Supreme Gun of Life。”Wright holds the gun body,The vineman-like carvings wrapped around the hilt,Just let the palm of your hand grip more forcefully。
Wright moves,Directly into the space turbulence。
In this vast void,Wright moved towards a space without a plane in the distance,Fusion of the main divine power infusion,Stabbed with a spear。
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Chapter 49 Challenges
Click~”Extending hundreds of millions of kilometers,But there are only black space cracks less than five centimeters thick,Appeared in the turbulence of this space。
of course,In the void,Automatic search and recovery of space cracks,But the powerful force stagnates,The space turbulence seems to slow down。
“This shot。”Beirut appeared in the void slightly slowly。See the power of this gun,Can’t help but be a little dumbfounded。
With his strength,Even if it is increased by a million times,Never want to stab such a blow。

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