I thought that I thought things was over.,I just thought about it, I went to work.,He really did not dare to stay in the dormitory this is right.,I am afraid that Li Baosheng has taken out what ancient times in ancient times to poison him.。

He is still young,He also has a vitality,There is also a good young year。
I don’t want to be buoyated in the hands of this fat brother in front of you.!
But Li Baosheng suddenly reached out,Two eyes began to have a strange light,I have been staring at Zhou Ye.。
“Robbery……Still robbery?”Zhou Ye went under。
Li Baosheng’s face suddenly was black.:“Who do you want to make me?,I am treating disease,Can not be sick。”
Zhou Ye nodded:“The brother said that。”
He just finished,Li Ben Sheng once interrupted Zhou Yewu just wanted to apologize.:“But I really need to ask the teacher you.……”
Sure enough, there is no matter,Unequacious……
Zhou Yewei understood that this fat brother is not enthusiastic.,But what is it for yourself?。
He recalled that Li Ben Sheng saw his first plan.,Just ask yourself is that Lu Min is a department,Some of these cats,Zhou Ye probably got some speculation。
Lu Min is a weak aura,But it can be seen,In fact, it is also more don’t talk.,And the key is that people have a good look.。
And Li Baosheng must have a pursuit of Lu Min.,And touch the wall。
Zhou Jixu is so thinking,Sure enough, I have been confirmed.。
Li Ben Sheng turned and seemed to find something,However, this time it is not from the drawer to the box.。
Instead, I took it directly from a gift box next to the bed.,Another gift box。
That gift box looks obviously much more than the gift box to Zhou Yewu.。
Ji Xiuchun treatment,When treatment is half,In order to work, don’t want to treat,I want to go to work to work,Husband for his wife’s body,Didn’t let her go back。Then she got a temper,The result is over-life,Leading blood pressure is too high,Dizziness headache。Zhou Niwu began to help actively treat acute hypertension(Medical history(Inside+ask)、analyze、diagnosis、treatment、Efficacy),After treatment, then persuaded,Ji Xiun is finally willing to treat peace of mind。
Acute hypertension(Medical history(Inside+ask)、analyze、diagnosis、treatment、Efficacy),After treatment, then persuaded,Ji Xiun is finally willing to treat peace of mind。
NS477chapter Yue more black
Slowly,Zhao Guan took a variety of performances in the last month.,Repeatedly emphasize“Individual doctor”Outpatient volume is too low。
And there are some speech throughout the department.,The last month is busy with the hospital’s tricks.,Then I will care about this outpatient business volume.,Who is going to live。
Xu Ruoi is directly huh,:“Easier said than done,It’s a high volume of our Director.。”
He said, very small,No deliberate voice。
Can Zhao Guan still heard,The face is dark.。
Zhao Guan’s outpatient quantity is the bottom of the department,As a result, I still have a face.。
Xu Ruo Bing is a speechless,I think I am directly open.,But I have seen so many students, I have left the face.。
Zhou Ye looks at Xu Ruo Bing and Zhao Guan’s face change,Originally thought it was a fierce quarrel,The result didn’t have no noise.。
“I thought I could watch it.。”Azortal physician“Giggle”The small laugh is looking at Zhou Ye。
Zhou Ye looks at this hospitalized doctor,It’s still a person under Zhao Guan.,This Zhao Wan is much not recruited.,I want to see him out.。
Since it is a friendly,Zhou Ye also boldly and his stealing:“Mr. Xu, this gas field,Which is the opponent?,If you are estimated that Director Zhao doesn’t want to talk.。”
Xu Ruo is not only medical skills,This quarrel is not falling.,From graduation, enter Tianfeng Affiliated First Hospital,But now as long as you meet the people who look at the uncomfortable,It’s just a hugging.,So this quarrel has been grinding for decades.,That is the god of the god.,Buddha to kill Buddha。
In academic perhaps Tianfeng Affiliated Hospital can surpass Xu Ruo,But quarrel this matter,No one dares to say that you can smash Xu Ruozi.,He can always find the vulnerability between the enemy’s words.,Then hit violently,There are often a few words that will make the opponents of the quarrel.,I want to find a floor to drill directly.。

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