But at least here,It is still necessary,It needs a good solution to solve the problem。

And the more so,Actually when I saw this,Where is Wang Teng?,It’s the cloud lightly looking here。
“It seems,You guys are quite confident。”
“But if you are confident,It’s really not a bad thing,But met me,Definitely your misfortune!”
When Wang Teng was talking directly here,The more so,Actually, Wang Teng looked at him,The whole person is very indifferent。
And the more so,In fact, while Wang Teng looked at him,,Even for these problems,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,It did very well。
The more so,Actually from the current situation,How to solve such a problem,In fact, it is quite important。
And see here,Wang Teng smiled。
Chapter 111 Killing Hong Tiandu
in fact,Such a thing。
Looks at Wang Teng,It was all caused by this Hongtian。
So start now,How to solve this problem。
Actually the most critical point,It should start with this Hongtiandu.。
slowly,Looking around。
Actually for such things,When Wang Teng thinks about it, he will feel,Seems to be different from what I imagined。
And seeing these,At this moment,Wang Teng shook his head in front of him。
“It’s undeniable,You did very well。”
“But no matter how,I am the one you provoke!”
Wang Teng said,Hong Tian smiled triumphantly。

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