I found out that my father might be in danger or even。。。,Wright didn’t have any slow thoughts,Directly grasping Feith,Left the caravan directly。As for the sunspot,Wright kept him in the caravan instead,Put down the field for the deputy in charge of Fez in the caravan,Anyway, with the shameful speed of the ninth-level monster of the purple-patterned black bear,Wright doesn’t have the patience to wait for it。

It’s also fortunate that Wright took the Fiss manager,After all, Manager Fiss is also someone who has seen all kinds of conspiracies,At the suggestion of Fiss Manager,Wright didn’t go directly to Fallen Dragon Fort,Instead, I arrived at the Blue Fort first,In the Geer Chamber of Commerce in Lancaster,Wright‘Sanctuary strong disciple’identity of,Forcibly checked some information from the Chamber of Commerce。Although this identity is just what the Fiss manager said,Without any evidence,But the lavender fireball spinning in the resident hall, emitting heat,And the terrible breath leaked by the fur ball,Let the resident manager recognize this identity。
Wright looked up mainly about the battle for the successors of the Horace family and Leslie·Information about the new earl of Horace。
The information about the battle of the successors of the Horace family is similar to what the Fiss manager said,But in more detail。
“Viscount Cap, the lord of Fallen Dragon Castle, intervened in this battle,And brought three seventh-level fighters,Respectively are‘mine’、‘One-eyed Jafar’、‘Andy the Great Shield’Waiting for three。”
“Viscount Cap is missing,Suspected of death,But it could also be captured、‘One-eyed Jafar’betray、‘Andy the Great Shield’An arm cut off,Be‘mine’Fleeing the Blue Fort,The two who fled before have been put on wanted warrants!But it has been revoked these two days,Blue Castle announced that it had been killed,But outside speculation has hidden in the Warcraft Mountains!”See this,Wright’s heart is tight。
I read the information about my family in detail,Of course, only his father Andy and sister Tina’s are on it,Sister Tina also has some magic talents,Weaker than myself,But also entered‘Blue Castle School of Magic’,I have worshipped a teacher in the past two years,Tina was also involved this time,But the person who wanted to arrest her was drunk by her teacher,Nothing more。
“Barely good news。”Wright squeezed sweat,As for the mother,It is not mentioned in the information given by the Geer Chamber of Commerce。
Thought for a while,Wright gave separate orders to the two monsters around him:“Elek、Hairball,Two tasks for you!”Thought for a while,Wright took out a chain of spike necklace and a few letters from his own pocket!
“You smell,Elek,You go to the Warcraft Mountains,Go find my father,My father uses a big shield,I am taller than me,Flax hair,And I should have broken an arm,He should have a companion by his side,Usually full body armor!”
“Hairball,You will go directly to the Dragon Fortress,Protect my mother,She is redhead,Very gentle!Name is Nicole,If you encounter a one-eyed seventh-level fighter who is controlling my mother,killed,wrong,If he wants to take my mother away or hurt my mother,You kill him!Otherwise, don’t be stunned!”
“correct,You take my letter separately,Find the wrong person!”
Arrange two warcraft,Wright also knows,On finding someone,I can’t compare to the Diao Peng who can fly and is very outstanding!And protector,The fork-tailed civet is definitely not bad,I can only see Leslie again·Horace’s dossier,Then make a plan based on the current situation of the parents。
“Leslie·Horace,The youngest great-grandson of the old Earl of Horace,Defeated two rivals in a battle for successors two months ago,Was approved by the Presbyterian Church,Officially took over the position of Earl of Horace。”

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