Don’t eat the seventeen things.,Have a blood,Do oneCTTake a look。The emergency doctor will open the bill to pay the fee.。
Subsequent blood pressure、Heart rate, etc.,Storm。Take a blood sugar,69oL,good。
Personally think that these two patients are not caused by the balance of the airway failure。
Because the tubing is carried out after the secretion of the breathing tract,Moreover, patient cough is powerful,Therefore, the profile does not immediately cause breathing difficulties.。
The reason for the difficulty of breathing immediately after general extubation is:Throat、Laryngeal edema and acoustic tape paralysis。
The sound door caused by the throat muscle itself,Secreates or stimulating acoustic belts can cause lancethum。Emergency treatment:
1Give pure oxygen inhalation,Pure oxygen positive pressure when necessary,Until patient awake,Throat disappears;
2Applied intravenous or inhaled anesthetics to deepen anesthesia,Did to the throat and other reflection disappear。
3when necessary,Give short act muscles,Talking tube,Severe-hearted gas pipe。
CTHave finished it immediately.,Didn’t see obvious liver hardening、Liver placeholder signs。
Previously have hepatitis B、Hepatitis C,Is there a long-term drink??Emergency doctor asked Mr. Huang。
nothing,I have checked it a few months.,Have normal。
But your current indicator is not good.,Emergency doctor said,The blood of the blood is coming out.,Liver function suggests aminotransferase、Bilulin is very high,Especially bilirubin,High outrageous,This is why you are all yellowing now.,Didn’t you find that your urine is yellow at home??Huang Cheng did not expect a doctor??
I also relatively small to look at the mirror.。Mr. Huang smiled,But the urine is true,But I always thought that it was a good performance.,Drink less,I didn’t expect it to be the problem of the liver.。
hepatitis、Liver injury is clear,If there is no hepatitis B、Hepatitis C、Alcoholic liver and other factors,And you can determine that the liver function is normal for a few months.,It was such that liver function turned like this.,Then I still have to be highly suspected of being this problem problem.,Drug-resistant liver injury,At any time, you may have liver failure,Be dead。
Emergency doctor“Be dead”Several words say particularly heavy。
Mr. Huang is afraid of listening to it.,What should I do?。
This situation is certainly hospitalized,Can’t go home with you。and,Also compatible with other indicators,Further judgment liver function,Don’t really get a liver failure.,That’s tricky。On the last month, there was a young man and a few cold medications.,existICULying for half a month。
Mr. Huang is really afraid.。
Take the hospital,Accommodation。
Why didn’t he think of,A traditional Chinese medicine that bare liver and kidney,It will cause you to lose your liver damage,Even liver failure。He called the friend who recommended He Shouwu overnight.,Tell this matter,That friend didn’t believe it first,Said that many people eat this,No one has a good thing.。
Mr. Huang is ubiquitous,I thought I feel that my youth is found by this medicine powder.,I didn’t expect to live in my own home now.。What makes him uncomfortable,This should be hospitalized for half a month ago.,Drag to now,At that time, the appetite is not good.,It is estimated that hepatitis is。
The lover is still counting him.,Say what kind of powder,You have to do something,My mother is。
The second day, the director,Re-analyzing Mr. Huang’s disease。Also get it3Mr. Huang, a medical examination report,The liver function is indeed normally at the time.,Also made abdomenBovertake,The liver is also good,Two pairs of hepatitis B are normal,Mr. Huang usually does not drink wine,So common causes of hepatitis do not。
2Be started drinking powder,Inference from this point in time,Should it still have a liver damage caused by a powder?。
That is this He Shouwu。
Indeamental three-point poison,Everyone must have awe,Don’t be deceived by some bad molecules,Say what pure natural Chinese medicine is non-toxic side effects,Those are ghosts。The director is a little indignant.,How many people have eaten Chinese medicine and there is a liver and kidney function.,I am too lazy to count.。
After finishing, he suddenly talked.,Something,It is not to say that you can’t eat Chinese medicine.,But there should be professional people guide,Can’t use this so,That is the performance of yourself is not responsible。
Mr. Huang, Mr. Huang can’t lift this。
You still have a good luck,Thrombin and other indicators are still good,Explain that there is no point in liver failure,Don’t use people,Don’t have to goICU,Otherwise it is really Amitabha.。Director stared at Mr. Huang said,The expression is somewhat serious。The liver is the largest digestive organ of the human body,Or is there a place where thrombin is synthesized,If the liver failure,Then it is not combined with thrombin.,At that time, the whole body will bleed everywhere.,That’s really miserable。
Hurry and throw the medicine powder in the house.。The friend who told you to take medicine can also not go.。Director smiled and said。
How to treat the drug-sex liver injury??Mr. Huang is very worried about。
Stop,Use some liver medicine,observe。Director said,Concise。

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