“Did he never show interest in me!”

To someone who prides himself on direct beauty,I found that the other party has never been interested in me more and more,Let her self-confidence for more than 20 years is a blow。
“I don’t want men to be uninterested in me。”
“He must have deliberately used these words to stimulate me!”
“Correct,Must be like this。He wants to attract my idea by this means!”
Wan Ruyi took out a silver mirror and couldn’t help but lonely and admired herself,The self-confidence that was beaten finally recovered。
Qingmu County is the eighth largest state capital of the 13 states in the Great Zhou Dynasty,But in terms of abundance, it ranks only behind Xinzhou,Ranked second。
It is located in the southern part of the Great Zhou Dynasty,Fertile land,It produces a lot of medicinal materials、fur,Especially Baiyun City,There are even monsters in the deep mountains here,Their fur is made of high-quality protective gear。
A first-order rhino leather originally worth ten middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills,Selling to the north can often sell ten times、Twenty times the price。A large number of businesses across the country gather in Baiyun City。
Business boom,Naturally, many industries have been derived。
For example, the Escort。

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