After all, the Chu Deirens know that they have no magic.,and……Mao Dongzhu from the beginning,I didn’t mention what I hidden.。

Don’t say something idea,At least it is also a backward road。
Chu Deirers are not very concerned about this,Anyway, her identity,Just remind Qiao Feng,I believe she can’t afford to toss.,Instead, it will help Qiaofeng.。
But just as the Chu Deirers said,Qiaofeng’s sex,Mao Dongzhu or forced、Or identity,Put a premium too much,But if there is anything wrong,Qiao Feng will not spare her.!
Qiao Feng“Banner”,But it is not to go to the advice.。
“Fuqing”Not all lie,Just how to count“benefit”,Qiao Feng may be different from the understanding of others……
As the Chu Deirers said,Stop military disaster、Timely tie people……Why is it not necessary?“benefit”?
If Mao Dongzhu is invasive,Joe’s“Dragon 18 palm”Can you pay attention?。
Chu Deirers bounced,One side——See the cover of this red flag scripture,It’s so fast.,I’m afraid that I am afraid that the secret of the book is to expose.……
Chapter 466 You take the bird.
Chu Deirers left the palace overnight,Because of a small red,I have never come and go again, I will see Wei Xiaobao.,Anyway, his poison is not in a hurry.。
“what is this?What is there in your bird??”Murongjiu saw Chu Deirers,Live a hard shell book,Chu Deirers have always wanted to open birds,So curiously asked。
Chu Deiren looked at her,After the heroic correction:“Say it is afraid that it is not only my bird.,Can you die!”
Murong Jiu thought about it,Afterwards frown:“vulgar!What is the album??”
Chu Deman:???
“What broch?This is the legendary pointing to the Qing court.《Forty-two chapters》,If it is a lot of eight,You can find the treasure that the Qing court robbed the Central Plains.!”Chu Deirers finished,Discovery of Murongjiu’s reaction,More than yourself。
“Treasure?”Murong 9 said that they took the two bangs and Big Bai flags directly.。
Originally, she still wants to take the white flag.,But I’m still awkward……
“what happened?”Chu Deirers see her look。
Indeed this scale of this treasure,It is exactly the level of pulling up the army,However, the original Chu Deirers thought,Murongjiu’s understanding of rebel,that is“Pull in the rivers and lakes”,Not too in the meaning of the military!
I didn’t expect her to see her.?
At least people also know the rebellion of the army、That is, it is relying on money.!
“Treasure……Be right!Manchu ancestors,Will definitely put this treasure with the ancestral grave,Put on the dragon veins!Just find this treasure,You can find off-road dragon veins!”Murongjiu said excited。
Chu Deman:……
Ok,The evaluation of Chu Deee recovered。
With Murongjiu excited,Is the dragon pulse in Treasure?
“You also know what the dragon pulse is?I want to tell this kind of thing,Still you want to work hard,Dragon,But it is……”Chu Deirers are trying to correct Murongjiu this superstition idea。
But Murongjiu broke:“What do you know!”
“I understand you, my scripture.。”Chu Deirers remind her,This book is home to the right。
“Is this not a Qing court??How to become your?”Murong Jiu is not willing to show weakness,A pair“Grim”Look like。
“You said this,I have already reached my hand.……You see me《Easy》Did you send back to Shaolin??”Chu Deee said。
The example of the Chu Deirers is very persuasive.,Murong nine, no words。
“Shadow,What are you and what you??”Murong Jiu Xia Xia Xiaoxiao,kuSound,Restore the primary state before the chest。
The Chu Deiren made a little,Continuously pushing:“You are less,Not yet,You call‘I’NS?I don’t want to be your shadow.……”
“I thought you would be excited.。”

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