However, when he is going to continue Zhao Xiaoling,,Zhao Xiaoling is open again.。

“I can’t think of me, I can give birth to the greasy big boss as a small three.,What can I do when I am a time??
And I feel that I really like you.,I admit that it may be seen that my sister is with you.,I am somewhat.,But that kind of like,Sometimes it is fundamentally inhibited。”
Zhao Xiaoling said,While drinking a big cup。
This big cup goes,Li Hui felt that the other party’s eyes changed.,Everything is so don’t even cover up。
“Ling Sister,Let’s still drink it.,The more you drink, the more you do it.。”
“I didn’t get drunk again.,Why don’t you drink?”Zhao Xiaoling directly started to compete with Li Hui’s bottle。
Li Hui’s natural can be easily taken,But he is afraid to annoying each other。
Zhao Xiaoling is also the image,Stand up and stand up。
Two times,The wine in the wine bottle is directly sprinkled with Li Hui。
Along the shirts and slipped down。
Zhao Xiaoling saw this scene,Directly deliberately sprinkle with Li Hui Rong again。
Li Hui Feng is also a glimpse of Zhao Xiaoling.。
“Who let you not let me drink?,Hurry。”
“Ling Sister,You can’t drink anymore.,I am not alive, I drink this.。”
How is it wrong??
I will drink,Don’t give me no more,I will drink your body.。”
Li Hui is some of the words of Zhao Xiaoling.。
“I have no,Anyway, you are not allowed to drink tonight.。”
Facing the strength of Li Hui,Zhao Xiaoling suddenly felt that such Li Hui Feng had a feeling of typing the president.。
Her heart seems to like more。
“Don’t give me a drink?
Then I will drink you。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoling flooded directly to Li Hui,Directly in the shirt, the softy red lips with the softened red lips。
One hundred chapters of the night
This kind of scene,Let Li Hui Feng instantly strikes。
Such picture,He once seen on many island countries.。
But I didn’t expect to appear in reality today.。
And Zhao Xiaoling is still a beautiful woman,Still a woman who has not taken down a big boss。
It is such a little proud woman.,At this time, he did something that made him beast blood.。
“Ling Sister,I will give you a drink.,Give you drink,You first get together。”
Zhao Xiaoling heard this,It is also laughing directly:“Humph,See you, I dare to grab something with my sister.。”
Say,She also helped Li Hui with the wind.。
moment,Two people are strike。
Li Hui Hui quickly handed the beer bottle to Zhao Xiaoling。
Zhao Xiaoling suddenly thought of his sister to walk,At first she still didn’t understand how her sister was coming over, how could it like?。

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