“what happened,It looks like,You seem to be going to get rid of me。”

“but,From now on,I’m afraid I can’t make you wish!”
When Wang Teng was talking directly here,The more I speak, the more excited I feel。
slowly,Look at these。
In fact, for Wang Teng,Next,These things,Actually it’s almost controlled。
As for the next,How to solve such a thing。
Just these problems,In fact, it’s already very difficult。
slowly,Seeing these,In fact, in Wang Teng’s eyes,Such a thing,How to solve it。
Other things,I don’t think about it for now。
And start now,Wang Teng said coldly:“before me,I already gave you a chance。”
“But at that time,You didn’t cherish,right now,I can only say sorry!”
Now,Following Wang Teng’s words。
The feeling,It’s like suddenly,He slapped his eyes and slapped it directly。
Even here,The feeling,Let everyone,It’s all overwhelming。
But the more so,Actually here,The more people around you see, the more you can feel,Such a thing,In fact, it’s not as plain as they thought。

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