The opponent is beautiful,And belongs to the beautiful,If a man looks, if there is no idea, it is not normal.。

It is clear,Li Hui Feng This is another idea.!“Xiao Li,I am not so good to say this.,Although she is covered,But what is the same as people’s pets?,If you want to play too,I am afraid I have problems.!”
Chapter 1117, Xiao Chen
“Forehead,Liu Premium,What do you think??
How can I have so many ideas??”
“And I am also a girlfriend.,Will not go there is something else,Just purely don’t want her to create trouble for me.。”
Li Hui’s thoughts are very simple,Lingshi to hand,All said everything。
His main purpose is actually Lingshi,As for the rockery of black crystals,He didn’t care。
Although the black crystal is really good,And still natural,But most of them contain impurities,The root will not value so much。
“Xiao Li,I found that I am getting more and more.,You now give me the same feeling。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Premium,These will be said,No accidental next is your tea.。”
Things for this tea,Liu Xiang is still very confident。
“Row,If necessary,Remember to help raise the price。”
Li Hui said that this is a glimpse.,Then understand what the other party means。
“Hey-hey,Row,I will win a competition for a while.。”
Voice is just,The host has begun to introduce it.。
“Below this exact, not a collection,But drink,But this is this so late to take it out??
In fact, there are many secrets.。”
“Next,I said this reason.,This auction is the tea of Liu Boss.,And still ranked first six octacles。”
“I think everyone knows that Liu Boss’s research on tea.,Most of the scenes, I should drink Liu Boss’s tea.,However, this auction is a 10,000-in-one treasures.。”
“Because this tea is not only prolonging the effects of longevity,Also make people slow down aging,Even the whole people become young,I don’t say it for nourishing yin and kidneys.。”
“In order to let everyone believe that this is really,Let’s ask the boss to go to the stage to speak two sentences.。”
Say,The host invited Liu Xiang.。
Why did Liu Youtong have never thought that the host will let him explain。
This kind of practice makes him also a bit angry。
It is directly on the stage to take a microphone in the hands of the host.。
Then started his speech。
“Most people in the scene should recognize me.,I should also recognize me before.,This new variety of Liu’an melon slices,It is indeed a role of prolonging benefits to slow down aging,I am the best example。”
“but,A yearhCan only speculate a few pounds,Because it is too rare,And the efficacy is also very powerful,so,I decided to speculate on it.,See if you can rank the Lu’an melon slices.。”
Liu Xiangqian, just finished,A lot of people under the stage have some people who are still sitting.。
“Old Liu,You won’t be fooler.?”
“Yup,Old Liu, you won’t go to the face.?”
The joy of a old acquaintance under the stage,Liu Xiang is also very serious:“What I said is naturally serious.,As for the cosmetic,You feel that I will go back to do the thing.?”
“This tea is 8 million a pound,And only sell one pound,I don’t have more,High-priced,Intuitive I will directly let you drink free,But don’t play me.,I bought it, I bought it.,Play with me rogue,That is not。”
Liu Xiang said this is also domineering when he said this.。
“Now the auction officially begins。”
With Liu Xiang, the voice is just,Li Hui has directly reported a million prices.。
Seeing Li Hui’s first forced offer,Liu Xiangpei is also a speechless。
Why didn’t he think that Li Hui’s will not understand the routine?。

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