“If it is not your words,This task,Never complete。”

Lin light snow looks Shen Xuan,Solemnly。
And Shen Xuan,What can I say at this time??
“fine,These are all I should do.。”
Shen Xuan feels,This task,Should send yourself a bonus。
After all, this task,How to say it is also a life of nine deaths。
and,All is done by Shen Xuan,Otherwise, how can you have a dinner now??
“Now now,What should we do??”
Shen Xuan does not clear the snow, the snow, how do they handle them here?。
But probably can guess some。
As long as the procedure is approved,You can directly catch people.。
and,This procedure,Be very fast。
“actually,Now,You can catch someone directly。”
“Shen Xuan,I do not know you”
Lin Wei Xue is on Shen Xuan.,Don’t forget。
After listening to Lin Xiaoxue,Shen Xuan swayed。
“Do not,Still don’t have it。”
What is joking?,Execute such a dangerous task,Just send the movie disc of Shen Xuan, the movie disc.?
Shen Xuan still thought,What else will there be anything else?。
But now,Shen Xuan still gave up this little idea in his heart.。
“OK then,In this case,Then I will not be reluctant.。”
“After waiting for the task,Celebrate feast,You must come。”
With Lin Qingxue,Shen Xuan is not looking forward to this。
In short now,Wang family’s things,Still, it is necessary to solve the drop.。
Otherwise,If you continue to consume,No one knows,What will then become what?。
As for Shen Xuan,Although some depressed,But Shen Xuan is still clear。
If you give him another one more,Shen Xuan estimates,Will also do this。
“never mind,First go out and go for a while。”
Shen Xuan feels,Not a way here。
“hateful,If it is not this kid,How can it become like this??”
Wang Dejiang’s heart thinks here,The whole person’s heart is burning in anger。
Even those people around Wang Dejiang,They think so too。
Wang Dejiang biting his teeth,A boxing directly on the table next to it。
“This kid,If you let me meet his words,I will not let him go.!”

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