Although the top methods are all secrets,But the Five Elements Formation is too broad,Countless powerful people in the Chaos World have comprehended。

Countless perceptions of Tao collide with each other,Make this kind of formation extremely perfect。
In fact, pure formation,Guardians are not much stronger,But he was instilled by the Beixiu World God to use this formation method。
He knows how perfect this formation is,Even he told Li Mingming,The Tao contained in his five-element array,It’s just a avenue of gold, wood, water, fire and earth in the three realms。
Can display the array moves,Even Li Ming can’t break it easily。
If Li Ming’s guardian is exactly the same as himself,The array used is the power to mobilize the five elements,Turn into an endless whirlpool。
The formation that Li Ming’s deity displayed,But it embraces everything and forms a complete void。
Different from the division of Yin and Yang by the second soul,Oppose each other。
This time,It’s deductive‘Everything’!
Five Elements、Four Elephants、Sun Moon Star Three Lights。
Twelve avenues are contained in this array,Of course, only the Avenue of Stars among these avenues is completely mastered,Most other avenues are at the level of the avenue area。
Can finally show up,It’s a very pure world operation,There is no special energy,Even external attacks on the five elements,Will also be given by this formation‘absorb’,Turned into part of the formation。
There is no special energy in it,The whole formation shows an incomparable score—-chaos。
chaos,Is pure,Guangbo。is one,Is also ten thousand。

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