“Get in the car!”

The motorcyclist shouted at Chen Xiu,Listening to the voice but a woman。
“The sound is so familiar!”Chen Xiu was puzzled。
“fast,What are you still doing!”
I don’t care who the other party is at this time,Chen Xiu climbed up from the ground,Leaped into the back seat of the motorcycle。
“hug me!”
The motorcyclist pulled up Chen Xiu’s hand and embraced his waist,Twist the right hand throttle to the end,The engine let out a roar,Release the left hand clutch,400The powerful horsepower of the engine makes the front of the motorcycle straight up,The grip of the rear wheel rushes out。
Chen Xiu’s first motorcycle ride,Still such a thrilling way to sit,Now I finally know that the motorcyclist let himself hug her waist。
if not like this,I was thrown out from the back of the car。
Motorcycles are much lighter than cars,The acceleration time from zero to one hundred hours is only five and six seconds,The gunman behind is holding his gun and chasing,It’s just a blink of an eye that has disappeared from the motorcycle’s taillights。

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