“What do you mean?”Chen Xiu confused。

“You have become the object of condemnation,Still pretending。”Li Kuian sneered more:“See for yourself,The auction house last night,Has turned you into a cyber black。”
Chen Xiu Wenyan,
Took out the phone quickly,Brush out the video I collected yesterday。
There are tens of thousands of comments。
Turn it over,Suddenly look confused。
Originally a good comment,Has long been buried by various sarcasm and accusations。
“Welcome to Jianbao’s Self-Buried and Self-Digged Series。”
“With my many years of experience,No one can see that there is something else in the painting,This person is clearly hype。”
“Qiantong Auction House is too shameless,You have to invite a master to fry,Find a nameless junior to lie to ghosts。”
“Auction houses are like this,Find someone to shoot garbage at a high price,After promotion, it becomes a treasure,Money laundering,Who doesn’t know yet。”
“I know this person,An intern at Fusheng Pawnshop,Serve tea and clean up all day long,How can I identify something,fake。”
“This Fusheng pawn shop is not a good thing,Even employees do,Must be a black shop。”
Comments like this,Countless。
Many netizens even pointed the finger at him directly。

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