I have seen it all my heart.。”

Le Zhenxi walks in the past,Watching her eyes。
Le Yu smiles,“I have to take care of myself.,Nothing,Blue blue every meal makes me eat well,Mu Mu also takes me very well every day.,Sister is fine,You do your job.,Don’t worry about your sister。”
Le Zhenxi laughed:“elder sister,I know that you are sad in order to Mu Zi.,But my sister,Mu Zizheng takes time。”
NS804chapter:All said clearly
Le Yu nodded,“Hexi,My sister knows that he needs time.,But,You also know your sister’s personality,It is also easy to lose patient,I am afraid that our feelings,Can’t afford to test。
Mu Zihao is a very good man,Compared with Wen Wan,Can’t compare it at all,。
Wen Lang looks my money.,Mu Zizi,I look at my people.,He is really loved.。”
Because of the contrast,Different feelings,She will feel him in his heart.。
He injured twice,Her heart is full of touches。
Especially this time,He can’t support himself.,Can not be injured,At the end, she still protects her.。
Le Zhenxi looked at him laughing,Instantly understand the idea of my sister’s heart,“elder sister,If you really fall in love with him,No matter what he is going to,What you think in your heart will be him,You need time,Mu Zihao also takes time。”
Le Yu nodded,She doesn’t go out these days.,This thing also wants to open。
She also needs time,Mu Zihao also takes time。
She laughed:“Hexi,You don’t have to worry about me.,I have a break,Start tomorrow,I have to go out.。”
One but put into work,She will not want to think about it.。
Le Zhenxi laughed:“This is like my sister。”
Le Yu is watching her smile,Ask:“You and the blue,All said clearly。”
Le Zhenxi smiles slightly converges a few points,Laughing nodded,“Yes,All said clearly,I look at her happiness now.,I also feel very happiness.,The heart is not painful before。”
Feelings,All like this,Can’t be more precious,When strong people face their feelings,Will there be weakness。
This is like this.,Hurt,Bitter。
His pain and suffering,It is also a burden for others.。
He hides them,I am confused and sad。
It’s just a bigger,Just because I like to disguise myself.,Especially when facing your beloved woman,I am used to it. I can’t say.,Maybe it’s just after you have a bitterness and bitterness.,It is more important to understand that this life is not easy.。
Wronged、pain、sad、Weakly these people have。
There is no way to find people to talk,I can only go out of myself.。
He is now coming out.,after,He can be strong in the face of life.。
“elder sister,No matter what you experienced,Every you have to cure yourself,This way you can live happiness.。”
He really advised,Don’t want my sister to go.。
Le Yu is a little bit,“Hexi,My sister knows,Just talked to my mother,She let us go with them in the New Year this year.,Say that we will not go back to see them these years.,Just chatting with them,Mom and Dad are very disappointed with our brothers and sisters.。”
Le Zhenxi laughed:“elder sister,That year, let’s go abroad for the New Year.?
Blue has your own family,We don’t have relationships.,Let’s go back to spend with your mom and dad。”
“Um!It’s too irresponsible over the same year.,Nothing at a little bit,Talk about the New Year,I still like it here.。”
Le Yu smiles,She is not really liked abroad.,Reorgan in domestic life。
“hehe”Le Yu Xi low voice laughs,“elder sister,It seems that Mom and Dad are old.,I have to pick them back to the domestic life.,I don’t like that place.。”
Le Yu nodded quickly,“Hexi,after,We secretly sell their families.,Our brother is half a person,This way they will return home.。”
Le Yu suddenly screaming,She seems to be imagined to get the consequences of her.,Dad will be angry with a broom chasing her.。
Mom and Dad is cheerful,Be kind,There are also many good luck in this life.,Business is getting wind。

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