So Tang,Also don’t feel about how。

“Well,In this case,Let’s everyone,Direct departure!”
Tang Mingdu,Put your hand in front of you,Tangible。
And the side of Tang Nian,Others nod,Follow up behind him。
Since this,So next words,The people here are dead.。
so,Think of these places,Their heart,What happens, the more I feel very touched.。
“hurry up,They come!”
at this time,Tang Nie’s sight movement slightly,The next consciousness looks at the eye,Then I suddenly didn’t forget to say it before the eyes.。
And with the Tang Lian’s words,Around those people around,Have followed him。
not far away,Those people of the Hanguang Chamber of Commerce,There is no chance to react roots。
Just watching Tang, etc.,Directly,Quick arrival。
“Do not,These guys,Where is it from?。”
at this time,Suddenly someone saw this scene,It is even more consciousness to speak on the front of your eyes.。
However,This suddenly said that there is no exit.,It is a sound,Put down。
“Don’t talk nonsense with them,Give me up!”
Tang Nian at this time,Big hand,Be in front of you,Suddenly said。
And the side of Tang Nian,Others see this scene,I have already been can’t wait.。
originally,The Hankang Chamber of Commerce can also occupy the advantage of a number of people.。
So all this looks,May still feel that it is just good。
But the more you now,This situation,What is going on, get more。
So in front of you,This,Tang Nian’s eyes,It’s even a murder.。
“Humph,Dare to sin our boss,You,There is no need to exist.!”
Tang Jing’s words say,Whole person’s speed,Rapid start。
Cannot be denyed,Now,The strength of Tang Ming,It is really powerful。
Even before,When you look at this scene,It’s even more embarrassed, I don’t want to think.。
After all, in this case,This point,What will be brought?。
Light is this,I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to think about it.。
“This guy,Really too powerful,We are,Do you really have to defeat??”
“Do not,This is absolutely impossible,otherwise,Let’s still have to go out.,I will fight with him.。”
“Yes,This is of course,So next,Let’s everyone,What are you waiting for??”
With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to speak on your eyes。
Since this scene,Changes in front of you。
So next,It is better to go straight to it.,And this side,This is a crucial place。
And with these quietly transform,Former,Tang Nian’s eyes,It’s even a murder.。
“Humph,You feel,Take you,Did you stop this??”
“Besides,You really think,This look,Will it be useful??”
For this matter,In fact, in Tang,,What yourself,It doesn’t feel that,Current this,What impact is possible?。
And look at these,This,Tang Ming is a smile。
“Humph,but,Even if you really do it thoroughly,What can be used again??”

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