“Humph!She is busy”Grandma Luo said a little unhappy。

Xia Jian finished breakfast,Ran to the room upstairs to clean up,Only then went downstairs to say hello to Grandma Luo,I went to the place agreed by him and Gu Yue。
Because Luo Yi told him,Not let him reveal where he lives to others。In this case,Then it’s just two steps。
Sometimes women do things very fast。Xia Jian arrived at the agreed intersection,Where did I stand in less than five minutes,A blackSUVThe car stopped in front of him。
The window glass is down,I saw Tie Li yelling to Xia Jian while driving:“Get in the car!”Xia Jian has a look,Hurriedly pulled the car door and got in。
“Good you die Xia Jian,ComeGZDon’t say hello anymore,What do you mean?”Chen Jing sitting in the back seat saw Xia Jian getting in the car,I reached out and grabbed Jian’s neck。
Xia Jian was laughing, I was busy saying hello to Xia Fei。Gu Yue and Xia Fei sitting in the back row,The other one is Chen Jing。Chen Jing is still the same,I can’t calm down when I see Xia Jian。She grabbed Xia Jian’s neck and didn’t let go,Made everyone laugh。
“Where are you going to play!”From the car,The car drove a long way,Xia Jian had the opportunity to ask Tie Li。
A faint smile on Tie Li’s face,Xia Jian asked,She said like she was waking up from a dream:“Go to Nanyun Mountain,Everyone wants to see natural scenery,Breathe in fresh air”
“Hey!Xia Jian,I heard you changed your phone number,Why not send it to us?Are you hereGZI only know Gu Yue”Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Gu Yue began to question Xia Jian again。
Xia Jian turned around,Hehe smiled and said:“Lost the phone,I don’t have any of your phones。I asked Gu Yue to help me find investment,Otherwise I won’t find her”What Xia Jian said is the truth。
Chen Jing didn’t like it,Her face changed and roared:“What do you mean?It seems that some of us women are demons,What are you doing if you can eat?”
“Damn!You and Gu Yue both have a husband,If I call you again, it will affect your life。I also think about you”Xia Jian was pressed by Chen Jing,He can only answer like this。
I didn’t expect Chen Jing to be even more energetic,She whispered:“Did you make a mistake,Gu Yue and I are both divorced。You as a friend you don’t care about us at all”
“what!Don’t divorce,Then I can’t take the initiative to find you,Otherwise, people will misunderstand that I am the intervener in your marriage,I don’t want to be insulted here”Xia Jian heard that Chen Jing was also divorced,He was a little surprised。
He really can’t figure it out,What’s wrong with people now。Since I can’t go together,Why marry?Just live it well!I’m leaving,It’s better not to end。
Chen Jing heard Xia Jian say this,She suddenly felt heavy,Took a long breath and said:“The beauty you want,what a pity!This girl doesn’t like you”Chen Jing’s statement is against her will,She was deliberately angry with Xia Jian。
As the saying goes,Ruthless。Chen Jing finished this sentence,Became very quiet。The atmosphere in the car suddenly seemed a bit quiet。

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