“Doctor Miao,You are a doctor,Don’t you know that there are a lot of preservatives in instant noodles,Is it bad for human health??”Chen Xiu swallowed instant noodles and said bitterly。

“What to eat and what is not good,That’s the nutritionist’s business,Not under the control of a surgeon like me。”Miao Ting said she didn’t realize it at all,Said very excitedly:“And no research shows that eating instant noodles is not conducive to wound healing……You eat,After eating the sauerkraut flavor, try my spicy bowl again!”
Sauerkraut or spicy,What’s the difference,Not instant noodles。
at the same time,Wu Shaoqing, who is hilarious in the real dog bar, suddenly received a call from her father Wu Wangguo。
“Be right back!”
“dad,I now……Are talking about business with friends,Can you go back later……”
“Less nonsense,Come back to me soon!”Wu Wangguo lowered the volume and said:“Missy is coming home!”
“Come on,Do you want my hot face to stick to her cold ass。I won’t go back and be angry with her。”
Qin Zhi directly stripped all his positions in Hengyuan Group at the last auction.,Wu Shaoqing has always been angry。
It’s just that the status of the two sides is too far apart,Wu Shaoqing said that he dare not speak。
“What nonsense are you talking about!”Wu Wangguo cursed in a low voice over there:“I just found the way of the third uncle a few days ago,Find a way to get Sanshu to intercede with you……Missy has never been to our house before,Visiting late at night now,Maybe it’s asking you to go back to work in Hengyuan……”
After not working in Hyungwon,,Wu Shaoqing is the one who learns less,And recently asking Brother Gou and them to deal with Chen Xiu hurt more than a dozen people,I spent a lot of medical expenses。
Now have a chance to return to Hengyuan,Can he be excited。
“it is good……dad,Please entertain a good lady,I will be right back。”
Speeding all the way、Running red light,30-minute journey,Wu Shaoqing rushed back home in less than ten minutes,Open the door and have a look,I saw my father chatting with Miss Qin Zhi。
Qin Zhi saw Wu Shaoqing come back,Picked up a tea bowl and took a sip,Then beckoned:“Wu Shaoqing,come here。”
The Wu family and his son are bright,It seems that the eldest lady is really here for Wu Shaoqing,It seems that I am expected to return。

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