Two women only feel that it is difficult to resist,Push yourself,Ever、When landing, I found that there were tens of feet in the direction of leaving the son.,Did not be injured。

After two women look at,Put a few heads in the direction of the palace,After turning around to chase no lack
The Chu Deirers are half ahead.、Half is the loud voice:“Oops!So much,Inviting the moon, you have also been to the wicked valley?At that time, I also knew that Yan Xia was hurt.?Hey,At that time, Yan Xia must be very miserable.,Just anyone can kill him.?Fortunately, you have no hands”
Yannan Tian:
Chapter 994 Handful hand is meat
Tiexinlan saw the little fish chased,I want to keep up,But being stopped by the iron warfare,And shake the head,Drawing a daughter wants to give their brothers。
Yannan days don’t stay more,Soon, I told the Chu Deirers to tell a few scenes.,Leave the two brothers left——Their brother actually has two sons.……After that, Yannan Tian is ready to bring their brothers.,Go to the priest。
Continue to stay here,Yannan is afraid of his own life is not owed……
So-called“Scene”,It is still still remembering the grace of Chu Deirers.——Considering that the moon is still,Yannan Tian’s mood will not be too good,Chu Deirers decided to meet next time,Please add him to join the Zhengzhou。
Yannan is walking,Originally I want to see Chu Deirers、Looking at the jokes of the gantry,Naturally also made birds。
Because I don’t really play,The Chu Deirers and the Gay Alliance have not been chasing.,Just a good ridicule, but it is awkward.。
And the other group of people at this time,Also gathered——It’s just that I took some people turtled.。
Act as labor,Mainly a prestigious society、The woman of the Lingbi Palace,And the disciple of the snowy mountain。
The location is determined.,These people come upstore。
Although the disciples of the transmissions are also rushing up all day and night.,But because of the shortage of flowers and small fish,And come to the mainstay of yourself。
As for the big gang of gangs in other orthodontics,Most of them are only elite heart,With the head、Home、Header……Come。
At this time,It is the first person who has been insisting on rescue.,Huang Rong、Woody Qingqing、Wang Yizhen、Li Mozhen、Little dragon girl……A popular。
Seeing them walking together,Chu Deirers suddenly smeared,After all, the handsome hand is meat.,But……There is always a choice!
“Master、Master,You come too.?Annual is really letting you worry.!Hahaha……”
Be right,Two Master came together,Handful hand is meat,Chu Deirers hesitate,I chose to ask my little master.,Master is a big age,Nothing behind it。
There is no cliff, you can blow the embarrassment——Never never cliff,Win this treatment,Attributing to be learned《Blunder》、But I haven’t learned it yet.《Drug Wang Collection》Difference……
He is now healed,No wheelchair。
kindness,If you don’t look at your own you can run it now.,There is no cliff early to clean the portal……Looking for someone to clean the portal!
Li Qiushui is a Queen in West Summer,Not here now,I just heard this matter before.,Chu Deirers are actually curious——The teacher did the queen,Master……It is Feng Shenge Hou、Still returned?
Just the Chu Deirers,Take into account Master’s face,There is no one who makes the sun and moon.。
See the cliff alone now……Only the brothers and eight teachers are by his old man.,The Chu Deirers are even more no pots that don’t open.——In case it is returned.?Still waiting for the atmosphere to alleviate someone else。
“Can you come for a teacher??Otherwise, the people of the Heroes,Don’t listen to me command,Who will give me a medicine??”Cheng Lingu said that the old man said。
Xue Munhua is very sorrowful——Chu Deirers suspect,Master and Xiaoyao send more medical skills,result……Can imagine!
Happy School History、Inheritance,Natural victory,But I can’t stand the medicine Wang Vali to attack the medicine,And the medical skill is just a beep, the next wife, and the school.……
Chu Deman discovered,There is no cliff to see yourself first with the little master.,It seems that it is not happy.,So immediately open mouth:“Master!Your old man is rest assured,Always fighting your old name on the rivers and lakes,I have helped your old shovel.!”
There is no cliff, he hesitizes his mouth.——I don’t know what I thought.,You are specifically for this to find Wei’s no teeth.……I have to thank you for you.?
And Wei’s no teeth are really embarrassed,I have never been able to“Unable tooth”and“Cliff”Give it?
wrong!Is there a few people at all,I have heard of this“Cliff”Bar!
“Oh,You are really filial。”There is no cliff, yin and yang strange。
“Shouldful、Shouldful……Uncle?”Chu Deirers feel,I have already talked for so long.,It’s not awkward now.。
No cliff beard:“Where is your teacher?,Ask what is the teacher??should……Appeal relative to her granddaughter!You have an idea?”
“No no,When you have a big marriage,I am going to give a gift.。”Chu Deiren shook his head quickly。
No wonder there is a bad look……
After all, this granddaughter,It is Li Qiushui behind the western summer and Li Yuanzhu.——According to Li Qiushui,Grandson is fake,But my son is true,Natural granddaughter should also be true。
It seems that it is possible because Master is dissatisfied with his old man.,So I was separated from Li Shi Shu.。

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