Tell this,偌 大 个 南城。

From the city to the monk,Down to the people,I feel unknown power to come.。
Their feelings are correct,The body of the blood and beast is launched by the sky,Put the strictty of the big Lingnan City bag。
Falling in Yinjing after seeing this scene,It’s both horrible and glad.。
Although the slaves of the forest,But at least to keep your life,And now the family of Lijiang River will be removed by a hobby。
Lingnan Wangfu,Everyone lifts unbelievable staring into a blood red sky。
at the same time,In the secret room of Wangfu,Middle-aged man intersects women in front:
“Remember。Go away after running out to Beijing,Go see the emperor,That can keep your life。”
“Don’t we also have a master protection of Tianshanse??Not necessarily lost,I want to stay in Wangfu。”
“Yin Shenlin is coming today,Must not be good。If we win,I sent people to chase you.,if there is not,You go to the capital all the way.。”
Middle-aged man puts a woman into the secret room,Take Shimen,When the knife came to the hospital。
Leading the head and dead staring:
“Yin Shenlin。Hello big courage,I dare to take my Lingnan Wangfu as the identity of the god.。”
Lin loudly:
“Die,More mouthfuls,Die!”
Preparation,But he heard the movement sent by the five consecutive blank。
Falling nine yin is incredible, staring at the five people who come,I am talking about talking about:
“It’s the people of Tianshan.,It seems that Tianshan sent the Lingnan Wangfu thing is true.,Unexpetent。”
Since the strength of Tianshan School is really horrible,So he spent some speech at this moment.。
Five Yuan Ying strong came to the Lingnan Wangfu,The block of the tiger is in front of the forest。
Lingnan Wang saw the five Yuan Ying of Tianshan School arrived.,A heart of Xuan is also put down.。
Have them,Even if it is the first man of Yuan Ying, how can I??
Double boxing。
Maybe he will fall。
“Thank you for the five seniors to help my Lingnan Wangfu.。”
Leading old man smiled:
“Lingnan Wangfu is associated with my Tianshan。Some people dare to take the sky,That is to find death。”
I heard the words of the Tianshan School.,The people of the entire Lingnan Wangfu have a long breath.。
After all, it is Tianshan School.,Super martial art of six yuan and strong。
This one is five times,Yin Shenlin is again powerful, it will not be their opponent。
Forest roar:
“die?I see that you are looking for death.!”
“Yin Shenlin,You are arrogant。”
Made a bit of a little baby power。
Iron boxing。
The four people standing next to it have no expression.,One but their people lose,The rest of the people immediately attacked。
As for what Jianghu Road?

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