Du traces don’t know your own mother from the day of birth.,Strong landlord,I started to put cattle or debt before five years old.,He took the cattle in the mountain grass slope every day.,So there is a lot of time exercise,Waiting for him to grow fifteen years old,Light of Light can fight five or six adult men in the village,Three long workers,How is the landlord to praise how his eyes?。

The landlord old property has a daughter,It is the usual gate.,Miss, two do not miss,More than you can read,I also understand that poetry is。
Youth, young girls will stay at home all day,In addition to the family, only muscle men’s drama and she speak.。
Temporary,Which girl does not,As a two,Help each other。
The name of Dura is also given by the girl’s girl。
Because she also surnamed Du。
Longwork and Miss love to parents are the biggest obstacles。
Miss Dura and Miss Du are no exception。
The landlord grabbed them in secret after the autumn wave,I have to drive the drama away.。
Miss Du is suffering from hardship。
Du traces were driven out of the landlord, and the wall entered the landlord.,After seeing Ms. Du,Two people embrace。
Compose,Miss Du is a senior generation,Bone weak,I accidentally hurt my feet when I escaped.。
Du marker helpless,Can only drop the first,A person escapes。
Side of Miss Du shouting:
“Waiting for my five years,Be sure to wait for me。”
Escaped Du traces for half a month,I want to talk about my head within five years.,It happens to meet the court to fight,Military work is not different from the most convenient rising channel,He entered the army into a long gunman。
Du march is small,Be strong,It is unable to stop on the battlefield.。
With the long gun in your hand, you will get out of the battlefield.。
An upward road from the head;Director,Hundreds of husbands,Take another thousand,Finally, with military power to make a pioneer,Official five products。
He led soldiers,Strongly twisted by a bad border in the border,Realism is not much。
The reason continues to promote,But due to the imperial court,Wujin Pioneer is already the limit of Wufu,偌 big court,The generals of this level can be numbered。
Dura from a landlord’s long-term work to five pioneers for five years,For five years。
When the two countries are talking,Du marks are allocated to the general of the Sanzhou,Also accounts high weight。
Just when he went back to Miss Du,She has become a wife of others and has three children.。
Du traces are hurt,But he did not accuse,But choose silent leave,Since then, the knife is not war.。
Until the court suddenly ordered the bandits of Hulus Mountain,He reopened the armor。
I didn’t expect the bandits of Hulus Mountain.,The officers and men of the hit。
When retreat from Jiankang,Negative arrow,After the Pingyang Government,It’s a life.。
The only wish before death is the safety of the lady in the Moon Du Du。)
【Due to difficulty three stars】
【award《Saizi》/The strength of the Saizi’s soldiers is 30% of the monogram.】
Lin lives some can’t wait to flip the booklet。
It’s a great god.。
Half time,Brochure in your hand disappears。
Lin lounges the iron disk to the door of the shock room.,A push open wooden door,Sunshine is on him,Watching sharp staring at the uneasy white catch head and Xiao Fengxian。
Chapter 72
Xiao Fengxian’s eyes are full of incredibility,Staring at the door of the dead door standing in the sun,His image is unlimited in the heart of the little woman.。
“you are still alive?”

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