Halding Dasheng, a level,Be famous。

“How much power is more than a general half-step,However, the power of explosion is more powerful than the general king of the king.,Special attack,Sweep ten-party void,Speed terrible。”There is no sea, the hands, the hands, the hands, said a series of data。
“I really can’t even be injured even if there is no Hi brother.。”Uncommon,There is no sea, the sea is the deepest in this strong。
“I am hurting is not very strange.,This man is too amazing.,Hidden too deep。”Wild no sea and carry your hands:“All right,This thing is not to promote,Try to avoid this person。”
“Do you want to provoke Taizhou and his conflict??”Wilderness。
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Chapter 1126 Magic Tower Guardian
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NS1426Zhang Yuan Magic Tower Guardian
“Don’t pick up,As long as the strong people entering this treasure is destined,Just we try not to mix it first.。”Wild no sea and carry your hands:“I have a bad feeling。”
“What is bad?”
There is no white and the wilderness。
“Race,Do you forget?500The battle in the year ago,People’s three emperors appear,Softening,A war to make Sanzhou vitality,Especially the cold is almost beaten.。”Unhappy:“I am worried that the family will rise again.。”
“impossible,The Emperor of the Gongs was suppressed by the dragon and suppressed in the depth of the sea.,The other strong people in the year fall in the same year.,Some escape,Did not dare to be chased,The rest is even more extracted and the Yuan God,Impossible。”Mischievous。
“good,How could rise。”Woman shaking the head。
“There are more things you can’t think of.,For example, who can get people who want to get it??I am afraid that Nanming is unbeaten,Yin,Three strong people in Wu Zi Tian also can’t think of it.,I got before this,The ethnicity is not as good as the lord of the River.,But……”If there is no sea, there is a self-evident。
“If this is true,We need to tell Nanming’s unbeaten in the crucial moment.。”Woodless white language test:“Provocate their bucket。”
“good,Provocate their bucket,Once the people rise,The first thing that is not letting, is the upper three domain.,The three domains in that year, but the main force,Continuous destruction of the native。”Wild, no gun, also tone the diamond test。
“See a machine,All right,We should leave,I have to find ten-party fire this time.!”No sea, no sea, double sign language:“Just look for the ten square fire,I can change,Thoroughly change into the god!”
There is no doubt about the tone of the wild.。
The so-called god pulse is a hierarchy than the Emperor.,This kind of blood is universally,Don’t say cold,It is the whole monster that can’t come out.。
This is no sea500The year ago is a strong generation of young people.,It is said that it will be in great sacredity.,But this is not ranked into this realm.,Instead, seek ways to change the gods。
500The time of the year in some Lingbao inside, I don’t know how many years of practice.,Although there is no evil,However, it has already gone out of the road of change the god pulse.。
However, there is still no success。
“No sea brother must be successful,Here you must find the ten square fire。”There is no gun and the wild, there is no white two strong people, I watched the laugh.。
“Let it go。”
Wild no sea, he will hear the face and cold,His figure is in the empty,Other strong people have followed him to the depths of this world.。
The deepest place in this world,Indeed,If you look up, look to the sky.,I will find that the blood color is shrouded in the center of this world.,This area is bright and incomparable。
A stone tower stands here。
Stone tower is filled with ancient vicissitudes,Years put the passage of Buddha,Ancient times,The top of the stone tower is engraved with a few vicissitudes.,These vicissitudes of vicissitudes are simple,Named“Magic Tower!”
Yuan Magic Tower is nine floors。
There are many bones around the Magic Tower,The body of the Magic Tower is like a mountain,Surrounding wind four wind,Give people a sense of Chinese horror。
“Magic Tower,Finally looking for the Magic Tower。”Suddenly a cheerful voice came from the distant void。
A few figure。
These numbers are the strong people in Taihong,These strong people in this respect are semi-steps of the people.,There is a strong power of the emperor,The power of this emperor is named yang。
Yang god is broken with many strong people.,His eyes are sharply staring at Yuan Dumi Tower,The eyes are deeply hot。
“Godiness,Do you want to notify God’s boss??”A half-step big holy can’t help but ask。
“Being not,I first explore the virtuality.,And no one knows that the nine transgent God is not here.。”Yang god deficiency carrying hands:“You stand here first.,For my guardian!”

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