The previous two small dragons wereIGYReceipt,butEDEObviously don’t intend to make this third small dragon,It is also so easy to beIGYIncome in the capsule。

Eat last loss,This time, Zhao Yi is obviously wretched.。
ConstantlyEDEFlat-type rear,Stand with Virus。
Zhang An is looking for a long time,I haven’t found a particularly appropriate opportunity.。
Can only be hook first,But waiting for the right opportunity,Or after the group battle is open,Q。
Both side patience,Also in this confrontation,Slowly consume。
“I have to open it.、I have to open it.!”
Wu Gui’s voice came,Obviously he is looking for a right opportunity。Otherwise, even if he feels patient.,Not willing to hang up。
so,Others are almost in the moment he heard.,Just preparing to keep up with。
Wu Gui’s finger,Also in his opening,I quickly pressed my keyboard.Rkeycap。
along with“Flush”A crisp,The body of the horse is in an amazing momentum towardsEDERear emblem。
At the end of the horse,Virus、Ruz and excavator instantly have a fear effect hit。
Verus was hit by fear effect,Almost at the moment, I will press my own mercury for this purpose.,Then I left the battlefield in the first time.。
See,Wu Gui direct one foot on the body of Ruz,While kicking him back,It also caused huge damage。
AlthoughIGYThe team battle has been opened to a beautiful,butEDEIt’s not what reacts can’t do it.。
Luo is directly in the horse, there is no time to kick it to Ruz.,I opened my own big trick.。
Because the hammer keeps the reason for the horse,I can break the rock in one time.,There is only Yang Shu’s Singge.。
But in this short reaction time,Yang Shu has not responded yet,Let Luo raise the two people。
And Lu Xian although startedETake a distance,But bonding huge movement of Luo,Still charm to him。
The other party’s upper big bug,As early as LuoIGYWhen the city is in the city,I have already blindly.。
Direct flashQW,Follow the control of Luo。
Instant,Combat chaos。
It seems that there is already a group,Instead, two of the most attention should be taken.ADC,Just happened to be left.。
Ruz flashed the wall,Have to kill,But the horse, there will be no battlefield for a while.。
Hammer wants to chase Virus,It was sealed by Verus。
then,Virus entered the battlefield to start output。
Egate is relieved from control,The first time is the Lu Luo in front of himself.。
Luo has no displacement,I also lost the way of escape.,It is directly collected by Egate。
But another battlefield residual blood hammer stone and Sindla,But it was accepted by the big bug.。
At this time,There are only three people left on both sides.,Not good。
butIGYHoe,It is a frontal battlefield,There is still a distance。
so,One time,The front battlefield is actually formed a short time.2beat3。
Chapter 66 big dragon
In the front battlefield of this time。
IGYOnly Lu Zi’an and Egate。
EDEThere is still a big worm.、Excavator and Verus three。
There is no time between both sides and even confrontation.,After the condition, the two sides and speeding up a group。
The deterrence of big bugs and excavators,The control of the two once,no matter howIGYTwo people in front of the battlefield,Still being coming,It’s all supported.。
EDEI am clear that this situation is clear.,Ueno two people attached their goals to Lu Xi’an, the palace Qingwen。
Lu Zi’an is considered at this time.IGYUnique output point,Just kill him,Then this wave of groups lost the suspense。

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