Gradually,President He has a surprised look on his face,He smiled and asked Wang Youcai:”Manager Wang!It seems you are really not blowing here“

“Ah!You don’t want to think,Whose industry is this。You should know the reputation of our group,President Hu invests in the mountains,Can Xiao Da Xiao Nao see her??”Wang Youcai’s expression is a bit arrogant,But after hearing this, Mr. He nodded repeatedly,Look sincere。
Less than half of it,This guy ignored it。So Wang Youcai and Liu Changgui brought him back,When they came out,The saplings of the big truck are already loaded。
“President Hu!Really big!I signed this contract,But in price,How much do you have to give me,What do you say?”Mr. He saw Hu Huiru,And said loudly。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“The price won’t drop anymore,But I can give you more saplings every time,This depends on our manager Wang。and also,Send your order directly to our company in Pingdu,Don’t need to find me anymore。What’s the matter,You directly connect with Manager Wang”
“Oh!also”When Mr. He said this,,Very lost。This is business,When it is not settled,The other party will treat you with respect,Once on the program,The rest is only benefits。
Hu Huiru took Mr. He and his people,Signed a contract in my office,And then sent them away。President He thought Hu Huiru would return to Pingdu with them。But Hu Huiru found an excuse to say,She still has things to discuss with Wang Youcai。
When President He left,Really upset。
First1676chapter Be questioned
After several hours of running wild,It was night when the car stopped。Xia Jian was taken into a room in a daze,Although he doesn’t know where this is,But he knew,This should be where the police handle the case。
There is only one table in the room,Just a few chairs。Xia Jian’s heart suddenly fell cold,This is the treatment of prisoners。Did you really become a prisoner??
The two policemen who took him let Xia Jian sit on a chair by the wall,Then the two of them left。It’s been a long time,The door opened,A male policeman in his 30s came in,There was a policewoman behind him。
Two policemen sat behind the table,The male policeman asked with a serious face:“What is your name?gender?You are from?”
Isn’t this a set of criminal trials??Not to ask him to help solve a case,Why did it suddenly change?Xia Jian’s anger is coming。He asked coldly:“Am i a criminal?Since it is not,Please don’t ask me in this way”When Xia Jian said this,,A bit angry。
The policewoman hurriedly said something in the ear of the male policeman。The male policeman nodded,Chong Xia Jian said with a faint smile:“ Not good intentions!Something wrong。Your name is Xia Jian!We have a case here,It involves you,So you have to cooperate with our investigation,Answer my question truthfully”
Say this,Xia Jian’s heart is more balanced。He nodded and said:“Excuse me!”
“Your name is Xia Jian!Originally served as the executive general manager of the venture group,Resigned the year before and returned to his hometown。The current post of Mayor of Pingyang Town,Is this your situation“The male policeman asked seriously。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Correct!Everything is true“

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