Lin Yuner heard what Lin Feng said,Also said with a smile:“father,mom,What are you doing,Why is it so mysterious,and,I even thought about what I wanted,If you think about it, just talk to me and Xiao Fan.!”

Liu Chunlan smiled:“Isn’t that afraid that you and Xiao Fan disagree??and so,So that your father will check with you two in advance,If you two agree,We just say,Disagree,The two of us just take it without this thing。”
Some words from Liu Chunlan,Makes Lin Yoona even more curious。
“Xiao Fan and I might disagree?Do not worry,No matter how hard it is to get,Xiao Fan and I will definitely find a way to get it for you two elders,good or not?”
“Xiao Fan,Am I right?”
Xiao Fan nodded very cooperatively。
Liu Chunlan is very satisfied with the feedback that Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan gave her。
In the beginning, Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan wanted to directly tell Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan to go to Fengling Island to take wedding photos.,But when I think of Lin Yoona’s recent workaholic state。
If she and Lin Feng really said it directly,Liu Chunlan believes that Lin Yuner will have 10,000 reasons not to take wedding photos。
As for Xiao Fan!
Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng are not worried at all。

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