This scene,Tossing for more than ten minutes,The auction officially started。

Profit from this auction,Donate all to the Child Leukemia Relief Fund,For the treatment of children with difficult leukemia。
auctions,Not only cultural relics and antiques、Artwork etc.,Even houses。
First appearance,Turned out to be a bonsai,It is an old banyan tree that is nearly five hundred years old,But it seems,Is half a meter high,Lush leaves,Leafy,Looks alive。
This basin is called“Southern Feelings”Bonsai,The reserve price is three million,Shocked many people in the live broadcast room。
“Ok!I can’t even afford a potted plant。”
“Please!This is only the reserve price,The ghost knows what the final transaction amount will be?No problem for more than 5 million?Even tens of millions,grass!I can’t afford it for the rest of my life。”
“Really don’t say,Some bonsai are very expensive,Tens of millions。”
“Don’t talk about bonsai!Do you remember orchids??once,Some rare orchids have been fired for nearly 100 million yuan。can only say,No matter what,Once fired,Very scary。”
“in fact,If this bonsai is really nearly 500 years old,Millions are really worth it。Things are precious!”
Ye Mei was stunned,With Brother Hu for two or three days,Really long insight。
The auctioneer started to introduce this bonsai,Its history etc.,Someone once offered a price of 5 million,But the original owner is not willing to give up love。This time,Learned of such an event,The old man took it out directly,He expressed respect to the old man on behalf of the auction house, etc.。

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