now,Lu Menglin has made up his mind,Decided to protect Alex,Never allow anyone to threaten by force,Wasted his life for nothing。

At this moment,Those six strong warriors have been arguing for quite a while,What they argue is nothing more than a question of success rate。
Half of the people think that just throw Alex over,Life and death,Can gamble on luck。
The other half thinks this is not feasible,If there is no expert on the other side,Alex must die,Doesn’t make sense at all。
but,There is another contradiction,Among these six,No one will take the initiative to stand up,Let everyone throw him over,Because it’s too risky after all,I have to attach to the rock wall first,Have to catch Alex,Not slippery on the rock wall,In case of a miss,There is another soul under the cliff。
at last,Ba Shengrong waved his hand,Anger:“What a shit!Since everyone refuses to go first,Then throw that foreigner over,If he can’t,Let’s find another one,Big deal take some time,I don’t believe everyone will be so unlucky!”
Seeing Ba Ye made a cruel remark,Everyone refuses to take risks,For a while, the voice of opposition was significantly weaker。
See no one objected,Ba Shengrong turned his arm out,Other people stepped away,Reveals where Alex is。
“Foreign boy,Send you on the road!You do it yourself!”Talk about it,Ba Shengrong had to reach out to pull Alex。
Alex is still staring at the opposite stone wall,Muttered:“and many more!There are still a few places,Not sure yet!”
“What kind of game?Just ask you to go,Don’t tell me those useless!”Ba Shengrong frowned and shouted。
“Wait!He is calculating
Climbing angle and focus,Don’t disturb him!”Suddenly there was a crisp sound nearby,Lu Menglin spoke。

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