This feeling just appeared。

Qin Feng cautiously felt his surroundings,He found out that those people were really staring at him,But while staring at him,Those people thought Qin Feng didn’t find them,All of them are pretending。
Qin Feng is also a little speechless,Are these guys stupid?,You know this is a village,There are already a lot fewer people in the village,But it doesn’t mean that Qin Feng couldn’t recognize the people in the village?
Qin Feng took a few steps,I found that those eyes were still looking here,But some people also looked at Jiang Yan inside。
Mary next door,Is this looking for death??
Qin Feng didn’t care if someone wanted to calculate him,But because this matter involves Jiang Yan,He must also be careful。
Qin Feng walked to a place where there were no people in the school,And then just over the wall。
This is also a corner,But no one saw it。
Only after Qin Feng overturned,He hid carefully in some hidden places,He doesn’t believe,These guys don’t take action。
As long as these guys take action,He has a way to kill all these people。
really,After half an hour,Jiang Yan came out after the class,Ready to go to a toilet。
The result is at this moment,Someone rushed in from the wall outside。
That person is very fast,Almost in one go。
of course,This is what Qin Feng judged from the way that person landed。
It’s just that Qin Feng didn’t pay attention to how powerful that guy is,Because that person is just like those guys last night。
When that person was about to approach Jiang Yan,Qin Feng squeaked and got in front。
No words,The man ran desperately after seeing Qin Feng。
Because he also realized,Qin Feng might be a very powerful master。

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