Although Populus didn’t have much performance behind,But his deeds of making millions,Has begun to spread on the platform,Attract more and more spectators。

Jianbao,In the eyes of many people,Are quite mysterious。
There is always news,Said who and who ancestral house found what baby,The story of getting rich overnight。Pursuit of wealth,Always human nature,Not a bad thing,So everyone is particularly interested in this kind of thing。
now,My own live broadcast platform,There is an anchor who plays antiques,Also made millions,As long as people who hear about it,Would be somewhat curious?
then,unconsciously,The number of viewers in the Populus live broadcast room exceeded 50,000,Is facing the 60,000 mark。
and,Sudden increase in attention,Reached 20,000。100,000 mark,Still far,But finally, Hu Yang didn’t feel particularly difficult。
“unfortunately!If our guild operates,Have this gimmick,It is possible to follow more than 30,000。”Baiyun Mountain Guild,Zhuang Fan said to the boss next to him。
The boss just came to the company,It’s for the anchor Hu,。
in case,Hu Yang really signed their guild,Enough for their boss to do it himself。obviously,With Hu’s ability,Ability to make money,Better than their boss。
Or,Ten guilds like them,It’s hard to compare with Populus。
“Ok!Just for a while,His gift income exceeds 10,000。”The young boss in a suit pondered。
The potential of this brother Hu,Bigger than he thought。As long as there is a glimmer of hope,He will work hard to sign Hu Yang。Not just to earn Populus euphratica gifts,More important is the financial resources of Populus。
Just now,He also learned,Populus is generous,I met an anchor I saw pleasing to the eye,Won’t be stingy。Just like the soldier who drove the sea before,Throw it out after more than 10,000 years of guardianship。
“Although Brother Hu didn’t ask for a gift,But everyone will do it。”
After listening to Zhuang Fan,The young boss smiled:“You don’t understand the player’s mentality,Local tyrant!There will always be people who want,The gift is to attract Hu’s attention。Nothing else,Like He Wenqing you said before,Because I met Brother Hu,Found one or two treasures,Made millions。”
Such an opportunity,Who doesn’t want?

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