Uncle lawyer saw the rescue,Suddenly he became arrogant again。

“You just said you want to hit me?young people,Speak responsibly。These are my good friends,Do you dare to repeat what you just said?”
Unexpectedly, this rogue lawyer brought the young and Dangerous boy to the hospital,It seems he is bound to win today,I must get my niece’s medical expenses back。
Seeing this group of people is not good,The two nurses lowered their heads silently,Exchanged glances,I guess I want to quit and call the security guard up。
I was spotted by the rogue lawyer,Point them,Said viciously:“Bapo!I haven’t finished speaking,What are you going to do?Anyway, I have remembered the looks of you two,If the two of you are not responsible,I will make a special trip to see you next time。”
The threat in these words is already obvious,Sure enough, the two nurses dared not act rashly。
“And you,Kid!Be careful when you speak!Don’t think you are young and sensible,Can help others,Be careful when you go out!”Uncle Hooligan poke Lu Menglin’s chest with his finger,An old voice。
Lu Menglin looked down at this guy’s ugly face full of potholes,Can’t help but shook his head:“This gentleman,Can you not be so rude in front of the child?I’m afraid it will scare her。”
“Rude?Am I rude to you?You pinched me so much!Do you fucking know?right now,
Immediately,Disappear from me immediately,Otherwise I want to make you look good!”
Finally, the rogue lawyer knew that he could not do it in public in the hospital,Otherwise it will be troublesome if you invite the police,So he just used these gangsters to scare people。
In order to get the medical expenses of over 900,000 yuan,What can he do to spend money to find a few people?
now,Whether in the ward,Or the crowd at the entrance of the corridor,All silent。

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