a long time,The leader finally speaks:“it is good,I know。”

Sun Shoupeng did not speak,Waiting for further instructions from the leader。
While Sun Shoupeng is waiting for further instructions from the leader,Chen Gengzheng looked at the invitation card at hand with interest。
The invitation was sent by the Michigan Chapter of the North American Chinese Chamber of Commerce,Invite yourself to participate in the Chamber of Commerce networking activities at the end of the month,And the one that invited me last time“Unpretentious”Compared to,This time this invitation card is much better,Gorgeously decorated,Gold dust was sprinkled on it。
“Miss Aniston,Do you think i need to go?”Raised an invitation to Aniston,Chen Geng asked casually。
“Of course you can go or not,But I suggest you go。”
“Oh?”Chen Geng raised his brow:“Talk about the reason。”
“After all, the people participating in this networking event are all your compatriots,You will inevitably interact with them in the future,Besides, you are also a member of the North American Chinese Chamber of Commerce,So I think,It’s better to go if you have time——After all, you still have to win the support of this group。”
When Chen Geng asked this sentence,In fact, it has already explained his idea:Not very happy to go。
Why are you not willing to go,Because Chen Geng didn’t think he could go with those guys,The gap between those people and their own ideas is too big,And it’s not that united inside,It doesn’t make much sense to go or not,Since there is no big difference between going and not going,Then why go?But what Aniston said makes sense,Developed to a certain extent,After all, I still have to win the support of the North American Chinese community。
“it is good,Then go!”

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