The young man saw Populus,Happily greeted:“Hu Ge,I don’t want to work hard anymore。”

This sentence is a bit lethal,Made Populus stunned for a long time,The audience in the live room laughed miserably。
“Haha!Sorry!Although I have received strict training,Under normal circumstances will not laugh,Unless I can’t help it。”
“Think of Brother Hu as a rich aunt??”
“It’s so funny,Your voice,Let me spray it。”
“Sprayed?What to spray?”
“Oh shit!You bastards,You can drive on this broken road?”
Populus rolled his eyes:“You kid,Be careful when you speak!What do you mean by not wanting to work hard?It makes me seem to be supporting people。At this,I declare,I have nothing to do with this kid,Normal sexual orientation。”
“brother,Am I holding my thigh??”The guy smiled。
He is a wage earner,This time I learned that Brother Hu is coming to his city,Ask for leave without saying anything。The monitor in the factory did not approve,He just resigned。
in fact,He is not a local,My home is a mountainous country。Don’t talk about his home,His whole village is poor。
All young people,Trying to escape,Out of the mountains,Even if you have no culture,Better than staying in the mountains。
After Lu Daqiang, who had only junior high school culture, arrived in the Yangtze River Delta,There is only one way to work in the factory。He is in this city,Have worked hard for almost five years,No deposit。
It’s not that he spends a lot,Mainly after paying the salary,Sent home many times,I didn’t leave much。There are almost five younger siblings in the family,Not kidding。
In their deep mountain villages,What family planning is basically impossible to talk about,Still old thinking。Give birth to one or two,People thought you could not give birth,Is there something wrong with the body?!
He watched Hu’s live broadcast,I saw that many people have made a lot of money with Brother Hu,He wants to make a fortune too!and so,Even if you don’t hesitate to resign,Also ran out to hang out with Brother Hu for a few days。
Lu Daqiang’s unconcealed attitude,Let the audience in the live room immediately have a good impression of him,Upright person,It’s easy to get the favor of others。

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