Seeing that the warmth does not mean to let go,Yu Shan’s face is very ugly,Then it seemed as if I had thought of something,Get rid of the confinement,Tidy up my hair。

Let this little bitch bounce for a few more days!Don’t break Yunyun’s big business for now。
He stared hard and warm,Yu Shan cursed and left。
If others see Wen’s wife, it’s such a virtue,I’m afraid I will laugh out loud,This is still a famous lady?
Staring coldly at the back of her leaving,Warm and warm, I don’t know that my mother is such an elegant woman,How could I lose to this kind of person??Maybe because it’s too elegant,So as to confront such a scheming villain,Down the wind。
Too lazy to care about their mother and daughter,Warm and Nuan went back to the room and took out the books I just borrowed,Going to review。
it is summer now,The weather is a bit hot,Not to mention the air conditioner,Yu Shan can’t wait to let her sleep in the kennel,It’s ok,I will leave here sooner or later anyway。Wiped off the sweat,Took a shower by the way。
Second uncle should be back these days。
Thought of here,Warm Nuan picked up the phone on one side,Hit over。The call was quickly connected,Wen Guoyuan was surprised when he received a call from his niece。
“Warm,what happened?”
Pursed lips,Warm and warm with a calmness that is not at this age。
“Second uncle,How did you think about the things I mentioned last time?”
There was a moment of silence on the other side,It’s like thinking back to what warm and warm said last time。
After a while,Then Wen Guoyuan’s voice sounded,“Nothing,Warm,It’s just that uncle may not be so good here,Are you sure to come?”
Nodded,Definitely。At Wen’s,I am restricted in movement everywhere,I can’t even go to school。
“Come over tomorrow!”
Grateful,Uncle has no obligation to help himself,Besides, Yu Shan knows,I won’t make myself clean。

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