“Goddess mighty domineering,Goddess cow breaking!”

“All right,What are you doing,If it’s okay,Don’t hurry up to help!”I was embarrassed by Xin Zhao,Lena is still a little upset。
Obviously when Sun Wukong saw,No feeling。
Is it because Monkey King is a monkey,He is alone。
Fortunately, Monkey King can’t read mind,If he knew that Lena thought about herself like this,It might be when the gluttonous food is killed,Kill a little bastard who dares to slander yourself。
“That one,I’m here to ask for help,For a while you help me block the attack ahead,I want to release the super electromagnetic gun,Come and blast the vanguard flagship opposite!”
Lena heard what Xin Zhao said,Looked at him carefully,Then shook his head“The flagship opposite has a light shield,Very strong defense,Under the use of conventional attacks,I can’t break through。”
“Big sister head,I didn’t let you break through,But let you help me block the attack,I am going to use this sword to launch a super-electromagnetic gun,Kill that big cross,May I?”
“That light energy wall……”Lena hesitated。
“Big sister head,My current state does not last long,If you waste any more,Then I really can’t help it。Please trust me,Lena!”the first time,Xin Zhao solemnly called Lena’s name。
And hear my name,Lena feels her heartbeat,Accelerated in an instant。
“it is good,I believe you once,If you can’t produce a concrete effect,Then go to the ground for me,This is not where you should be,do you know?”
“Haole sister head,Believe me!”Xin Zhao said,Pull up Lena directly。
And Lena had to re-summon the Shield of Dawn,In front of。
Xin Zhao took out the flame-level Shenwu with both hands,Then start to calculate the parameters。
The blue and white electric current converged between his hands,Lieyang Killing Shenwu began to spin back and forth between his two hands。
‘Calculate orbit……’
‘Computing Pioneer Flagship Weaknesses……’
‘Calculate the correction deviation……’

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