“Great elder,Try this!”

Xia Chenglong poured the wine to the other party himself,The meaning of a peach comes from the wine,Look unique。
“Good stuff,It seems that your life is going well these six months。”
“This peach brew is unique,But it took me a lot of work to find it,Elder, you have a good mouth。”
“Hahaha,Good good,It’s really a hero,Even if this wine is for you to see off today,As for your TOEFL,Don’t worry,As long as Shengde College is in,There won’t be any problems!”
Xia Chenglong got up,Bow solemnly and deeply,This is a tribute to the great elder。
Very good feeling,Able to drink with friends you know,Maybe many years later, they are all right and wrong,But I will never forget what happened tonight。
the next day,Many people leave,Underworld once again restores its former peace,Xia Chenglong didn’t practice,Last night’s peach blossom stuffed him drunk,So good,He can sleep well。
In fact, since I came to the city,He has many opportunities to go to the back mountain,But never went,Because I really don’t have the courage。
For Ye Ziqi,He doesn’t know how to face it。
From the first encounter between the two,He was just to help,Later, I was firmly attracted by the breath of the opponent。
That’s why there will be a later story。
Someone incited the surrounding forces to retaliate against the city,The jade fingers I got from those people are still there,Just a little clue,Let him know who did it,Inevitably make life worse than death。
He is leaving,So it’s time to see each other。
The back mountain of Hades is an independent back mountain,Since there was a hostess on the mountain,It will no longer be allowed to be touched here。
Therefore, large tracts of plum blossoms on the mountain appear in the withering and spend their lives,It doesn’t seem to mean anything。
Xia Chenglong wore the clothes Ye Ziqi prepared for him,Step by step uphill。

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