During my absence abroad,You are the highest executive,So you must use your power,Don’t cheat for favoritism,Let these people not become the moth of the company。

I will be responsible for what really happened then。”Others nodded very seriously after listening。
They always knew Xiao Fan’s job requirements,So this is something they are used to,They have always been strict with themselves,Don’t worry about other situations。
As long as Xiao Fan can agree to the entry of these employees,Then they will train these employees,Then conduct professional guidance,Will not let them have these people to go out。The company has been successful for so many years,The reason for standing still。
Everyone is passing his own experience to the next generation,The whole company keeps running well。
Xiao Fan simply said a few more words,Then tell them:“Can let these people in,Let’s take a look,What kind of person is it,Can you have a chance to get this job from our company,If not enough,Or something very different from the one written on the resume,onpassJust dropOKUp,We don’t need to hesitate。”
Chapter 920 admonition
The interview process went smoothly,After all, the employees who come here for interviews are all selected,Otherwise, it won’t be put in front of Xiao Fan to let him choose。
In fact, Xiao Fan has a try-and-try attitude towards these people,After all, what is everyone like,It can only be seen in daily life。
In other words, it is the kind of person who can see what a person’s character is like only by looking at it,For Xiao Fan,Still feel unrealistic。
Because nowadays people are really too capable of pretending,Too good to play,so,Now want to find a suitable person,It takes long-term contact to understand。
So Xiao Fan also wants to pass a long test,To see if they are suitable for sitting in this position,Many are not competent for their academic qualifications or some other experience。
More about character or other communicative skills,So for them this is a big test,Xiao Fan hopes that they will be able to solve the problems around them at any time。
Rather than encountering a problem, it will only tell others how high I am or how much ability I have,This will not solve the problem。

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