Man scolded,Rushed over again。

Fortunately, the power at this time is not as fast as before,If the guess is correct, the other party should have used some one-time secret method,But there is a time limit。
But at this moment,Those dense black shadows have appeared from behind,Its speed is really fast。
Xia Chenglong cursed in his heart,Is that head caught by the door?,I don’t know how powerful the Spirit Eater is?Dare to come and fight with him。
At the current speed,They can’t escape this huge spirit devouring bee array。
“Everything fades!”
“Powerful Tiger!”
obviously,That person also knows the situation at the moment,Almost at the same time,Two moods of one ink and one gold go towards the spirit-eater behind him。
did not expect,The opponent is just the ability to enter the Holy Realm,It can actually materialize the mood,This Zhongyu is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!
Two artistic conceptions form a protective wall,Block the charging Spirit Eater briefly,But this is definitely not the best policy,Because at this moment their aura is consuming quickly。
If either of them let go at this moment,Both of them will be swallowed by this Spirit Eater,I’m afraid I can’t hold it for a moment at that time。

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