Huang Longwen glanced at Qin Feng hesitantly,Then said:“If i want to cooperate with you,Are you welcome?To know,I have a lot of fields,Add them together,This is also a lot of fields?”

“why?”Qin Feng asked, washing his hands at the faucet in the yard。
“Just because the person inside believes in you so much,I can’t be behind,Let me talk to you,There really is no big feud。”
The reason why I make so much money,Just to make money,But now I find that you may make more money here,Why should I do something??
Huang Longwen is a very reasonable person,He also said some words clearly。
Qin Feng also admired Huang Longwen,These things can be seen clearly,If he comes,He really doesn’t understand this situation。
“Actually,I also appreciate your trust,But you also saw,I can’t change anything at all in the current situation,Their situation can easily cause problems in this village。”
Qin Feng said helplessly,He really doesn’t want to see this scene,Although those guys are gone。
of course,If this happens,Qin Feng guesses that he will laugh out loud when he sleeps,Don’t want to see and must not want to see is a different concept。
“This is your problem,I just want to work with you,Xie Zhiwei is here,I have no reason not to come?”
Huang Longwen said lightly,Qin Feng found that he underestimated the people in the village。
Which one of these guys is not an old sly,Many things can’t be hidden from their eyes。
“Row,If you want to join in,Then make an appointment,Some things need to be renegotiated。I have a word,If you want to cooperate anyway,You don’t have that much money,Then you should work hard?”
Qin Feng is also very clear that some things cannot be seen on the surface,How to deal with things well。
“it is good。”Huang Longwen’s face is full of smiles,He knew that he should be able to get close to Qin Feng this time。
Huang Longwen、Xie Zhiwei,There are more than 30 villagers。
The old village chief called on a few families,Then Widow Liu also has some fields in her hands,That belongs to her husband’s family and some relatives,Those relatives are not at home,So it’s all in her hands。

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