Chen Geng nodded again,This is easy to understand,Do this,Is to make more money from users,SimultaneouslyAMCYou can sell this car at a higher price when you sell it.,All the same,In this car,AMCThrough this calculated difference, I made thousands of dollars more。

“The second is the purchase tax,Take Detroit as an example,This5850USD need to pay351U.S. purchase tax,Then the total rental price for three years is6201USD。
But we are not philanthropists,This6201U.S. dollars are not loaned to users for free,Also need interest,Annual interest for general long-term rent(APR)for0%-3.9%Vary。We just use2%To calculate the annual interest rate,6201,3year,Per year2%,Interest is the total rent should be6573.06USD,Then in0In case of down payment,Monthly rent is6573.06/36=182.585USD。
of course,We can attract users with lower slogans,For example, Vaughan said in an advertisement‘99USD,Brand newMPVbring home’,But in the actual implementation process,This is not zero down payment,But need to pay part of the upfront down payment,For example, specific to this,99*36=3564,6573-3564=3009,Users need to pay upfront3009……Oh,Part of the interest、Just not3000USD,Can be99The price of USD per month puts one car worth13000DollarMPVgo awap,I think,This should still be very attractive to users。
This is also the calculation method if the user chooses to rent for two years,Then the problem is coming,Our warranty period is one year left,How to do?My opinion is,Priority is given to external leasing of cars that have been leased for one or two years,If it’s a two-year car,Carry out a comprehensive overhaul and maintenance of the vehicle after the vehicle is retracted,After that, a one-year warranty will be added to the remaining one-year warranty,This way,For rental users,Is actually the same,During the two years of his lease,He doesn’t have to worry about maintenance。”
You explain that every month182.585Dollar,The slogan becomes monthly99USD,Isn’t this false propaganda?Ha ha……How can this be false propaganda?,Almost if you can afford it3000Dollar down payment,Of course it can be used every month99Rent one for a dollar priceMPV,Why did we falsely promote?If you don’t have enough hands,Then choose182.585The dollar lease is good,It’s not much expensive, isn’t it?We have fully considered the different financial situations of users,Customized different financial solutions for them to choose!
The truth here,Capitalists and their financial experts have long considered it properly。
As for what the mileage exceeded at the time of delivery36000mile、What man-made failures have occurred in the vehicle……Wait and so on,do not worry,Those experts who serve capitalists will consider it for users“Properly”of,Make sure you don’t want to make an extra cent from capitalists。
Jack is unnecessary for this reason·Welch says,Chen Geng knew in his heart,So he suddenly laughed,He laughed and applauded:“well,very good,It seems that you have considered it very well。”
Jack·Welch smiled,It’s a default,In order to seize more market,He did consider a lot:“In addition,Consider setting a membership price,For example, the user automatically becomes our member after choosing a long-term rental for the first time,Members can enjoy a lower down payment ratio、Lower interest rates and some regular and irregular events,All in all, let users choose us as much as possible、Can’t do without us,So that we can keep the wool on them。”
Chen Geng couldn’t help applauding this guy again!
Blame this guy for being able to·Iacocca became the two major professional managers recognized throughout the United States in the 1980s and 1990s,This brain is really not an ordinary good person!He smiled:“You are beating my second-hand car company’s idea too?”

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