“The company’s operations now involve a lot of industries,No need to further expand。”

“What we have to do now is to put more effort in the two high technology aspects。”
“We can,Do more public welfare。Help some people in need。”
“At the same time,May increase the visibility of our company,But the most important thing,Or is it able to give some warmth to those in need。”
“And make them happier。This is my ultimate goal。”
Lin Yuna,When I heard Xiao Fan say that he was doing charity,Think it’s kind of weird。
Xiao Fan used to think about making money for the company all day,Why do you suddenly want to do charity??
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Three Open your heart
Lin Yuner thought about it after hearing what Xiao Fan said。
Actually,Her parents had their own company before,She still has some understanding of these aspects of company operations。
Since Xiao Fan came to their house,So I gave the company full power to Xiao Fan to manage。
So Lin Yoona will no longer be involved in company affairs,I just hang out with my little sisters and some girlfriends all day,No longer just stay at home。
Rarely manage these things in the company,Have no interest in these things。
Of course she also knows that the company is going to get involved in public welfare。So when Xiao Fan said he wanted to count the news in public welfare。
She felt it was still feasible,After all, they already have enough money。
Be kind,Help some poor people,It should be。
Then Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Why did you suddenly think of doing charity??”

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